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Runescape Top 100 List

Lumbridge RSPS

Lumbridge, where it all began. Are you looking for an enjoyable RSPS experience? Well, your search is over. Lumbridge is an brand new PRE EOC Server with lots of content. So if its skilling, pking, accomplishing feats with friends, dueling, chatting, or just hanging out, it can all be found on Lumbridge. --Server Features-- • 100% Iron Man Mode & Ultimate Iron Man Mode (No Banking) • Website Hiscores • Customized, Unique Home • Custom NPCs • Balanced Custom Items • Yell System • Working Drop Announcements • 100% Shooting Star + Stardust Exchange • 100% Evil tree • Unique Prestige...

Lumbridge RSPS
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    United States
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    2020-03-01 17:39:02
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