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Project-Xelios 718

I hosted Project-Xelios back in August 2014 so a lot has changed since then and the demand and standards of RSPS has risen. I have decided to try and revive my server and bring it back to its glory days of 2014 Project Xelios - The Next Chapter means, a complete overhaul of everything. This means we are reworking on everything, from the Website to the Server. It means we are bringing you more work and commitment then we have ever brought, we are putting in more effort, dedication and time to make sure things are right, to make sure they are smooth. The Website is coming up with a whole new look, starting from the Landing Page, Community Forums, Vote, Donate and even HighScores. This is to bring in an even more professional, clean and slick look to the Website side of this Project.

Project-Xelios 718
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Project-Xelios 718

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