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Zeah - The Sixth Age

Zeah - The Sixth Age

- Automated OSRS GP Vouchers every 35 minutes (Exchange with staff for free OSRS GP) - Automated PokeCoins to buy Potions/Pokeballs at the Poke PC - Pokemon Stadium, an interactive player vs player battle, where you can battle your Pokemon, just like a gameboy battle, except with staking. Every Pokemon Move has been custom designed, include item interactions during battle (Super and PP Potions) - 6 Latest OSRS Slayer helms, all tiered out with stats and modifiers - Custom items, some known and love and customized in Unique ways, And other created by Staff specifically for the server. - 100% Unique and different Skilling Pets for every skill 1/2k chance. - Earn BloodMoney for custom pets, and custom weapons @ CageMatch, a CSGO inspired weapon game Multi PVP - Prestige, Player Owned Shops, Drop tables, Player profiles - Live Heatmaps, Hiscores, AutoDonate, MyBB PHP Forums, Voting Rewards - Infernal Rift, The first of 3 entrances to one of the Pocket Demensions. A lengthy minigame similar to Raids. - Wilderness Capture the Flag 24/7 - Well of Goodwill, Shooting Star, Wildy Wyrm, Evil Tree & more! - Wildy Storms ( Rotating Wilderness Perk System, +2 HP Every 60 seconds, Power Boost, etc, each perk changing every 30 minutes - Custom Home Map with fun Gambling area

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Zeah - The Sixth Age

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