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Hey guys! I'm back again after quite a while. Decided I wanted to get back into RSPS development. So before I get flamed to no end here, let me explain. Hellfire is a brand new server based off of Mystic-PS source. Credits go to them for prior development. I was originally going to further the development BEFORE opening it to the public, but I was talked into opening it up sooner than later by one of my staff members so that we could all play together and test whatever new features we end up putting into it. We are not currently trying to build a large player base, but we are using this thread as a simple invite for any of you who would like to have early access to the server while it is in development. Anyone can join, and we encourage all players to join the forums as well to leave feedback and suggestions to aid us as we further develop. Although we are technically in BETA, nothing is limited and the game is fully playable. What are our goals? -We would like to implement more community engagement events, or server wide events that everyone can do together for rewards. -As we don't take donations, we would like to redistribute the donation perks throughout the server. Possibly using some of them as rewards from voting. -We are currently thinking of a lengthy quest/clue hunter activity, that gives a number of different perks as well. -We would like to revamp the treasure trails system, adding actual clues, rather than just immediately receiving a casket from a scroll. -Adding more player titles linked to other achievements in-game. I am also developing a brand new custom home map, however it's not completed yet. I'll implement it once its done, and I've tested everything out. Here's a quick glimpse: I'll be handing mystery boxes out to new players as they join for the time being. I'm also doing double exp/double drop events on certain occasions as well. Hope to see some of you around and I'm hoping to team up with people who have great ideas to help bring this server to life! - Trevor

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