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Lunarisle Brand new

15 bosses, including 100 Nex and Kalphite Queens with stages Full clanchats with lootshare coinshare ranks Ironman, Ultimate ironman, Hardcore ironman Full bank system with searching, tabs and pins Full screen resizable client HD textures Dungeoneering with partiescomplexity 100 Runescape grand exchange Loyalty programme with 30 titles Ingame highscores scoreboards Bounty hunter with potential 100 Achievements 25 Boss pets Perfect combat with soaking and deflecting Overload, extreme and recovery potions Automatic double Experience weekends Curses newest regular prayers Well of goodwill for double exp Quickprayers Quickcuses PvP drops Killstreaks Correct fight styles Dwarf multicannon Chat emoticons Price checker Pathfinder Poisoning 2 Quests Pest control Warriors guild Chaos tunnels Shooting stars Nomad minigame Flawless duel arena Full barrows minigame Fight caves Fight pits Puro Puro hunter minigame Custom graveyard minigame Money pouches Brawling gloves Effigy crafting Crystal chest PvP artifacts Daily lottery Drop logs Bank pins ---------------STAFF TEAM-------------------- Owner - kliffrock Developer - R13 Admin - R13 Mod - From Above Helper

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    2016-09-15 11:26:01
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Lunarisle Brand new

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