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Zenith is a brand new RSPS with OSRS content including raids as well as a few pre eoc bosses and items. Come join the new experience! HD - Construction - Dungeoneering - Great Olm - ToB Final Boss(Other bosses in development) - Vorkath - Alchemical Hydra - 25+ Other bosses for you too grind out - 14 Minigames - Many World Events - Custom Pet System - will you be the first too catch them all? - Custom Upgrading system - Upgrade your gear and be the best of the best - Customs that are balanced and fitting - none of our customs are extremely overpowered or look extremely - - weird. - Many great custom interfaces - Custom item hover descriptions so you can easily see what our unique items do. - Great donator benefits which are no means overpowered, but more efficiency related benefits. - Smooth textures - no chunky textures - Smooth FPS - We have worked on our game engine too try ensure the best FPS for you

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