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Illusion-Scape We are RuneScape Players that decided to make our Own RSPS with our own features We have a very high Skilled Developers That Played lots of Rspss and Runescape and knows what the players need-- We are Still Hiring Staff and Developers Join Us to See what has never been seen on anyother RuneScape Private Server Illusion-Scape.net Illusion-Scape.net Created By M.B.H.M Corp. features - Money Pouch - Server Announcement upon 99 with spins awarded for SOF - Lottery System With Staff Disabled from entering draw - Total level with 120 dung - Squeal of fortune with eventhandling - Staff tab with online status showing - 24 Skills all working, With advanced Methods - Loyalty shop with 100 pointshour and titles,pets,armour etc - Perfect switching - Anti lag 100 fullscreen with all orbs - Brand new teleportation sidebar interfaces - Fixed all crown and donator issues - Milestone System with complectionist capeemote - New bosses and minigames - Npc,Player,tile and projectile clipping - Summoning creating pouch infusing and summoning - New skillcape shop, interface with pictures - Perfect agility arena, With awards and points - Ticket exchange, turn 2b into a check - Xp lamp available from squealMulticlick enabled - Npc facing allowing npcs to directionwalk - X bones on alter - Lodestones interface 16200 - 317 maps readded , with exeption of 718 nexs - Fully working nex with followers and specials - New items Ganodermic, polypore etc - Teleport tab teleport spells light up - Welcome screen thanks to alero - Pest control with boat ride from port sarim - 718 bandos and torva models - Jailed if you have dung items outside dung - All new emotes in tab work - x2 Xp ring added to loyalty shop - Lunar isle maps with banking there and objects - Ragefire, steadfast and glaiven boots - Clipped firemaking and ash dropping - New point handling via interface - Nudolion with guide how to make superoverloads - Brand new item pricing - New home in rimmington - Custom rimmington bank - Working draining auras with wings - Bank pins and bank searching - Construction portal at home with shop - New runescape context menus - Dwarf multi cannonfix firing - Two worlds with world switching - Fixed all pets including dogs and cats - New monster teleporting interfaces - Automatic usernamepassword saving ......and lots more The First RSPS With Auto Price handeling that works on calculating the price of items depending on need ... and rarity ... We are Hosted on a Dedicated High Speed VPS 247 Online Illusion-Scape.net Illusion-Scape.net Created By M.B.H.M Corp.

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