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Elation RSPS

Elation is a brand new server, VPS hosted 247 uptime. Eco PVM PVP and Skilling based server Come check us out httpelation.netau.net Features -Dwarf Multi Cannon -Single and Duo Slayer task -Boss Slayer Tasks -Gloabal server Announcements -Working Trivia bot -8 Minigames -11 Bosss -5 Floors of Dungeoneering -Team Dungeoneering -Working Construction -Teleporting Interfaces -Armadyl Staff and Runes -Crafting Armadyl Runes -100 Money Pouching. -100 Summoning -Processed Quest tab updating -100 Working Clan Chat -Dicing and Mithril Seeds -New Pest Control System added -Castle Wars system -Clan wars in the making -FFA Minigame -Quests -FULLY working bank tabs and bank system -Skilling Task and Point System -Youtube Management System -Custom Dungeoneering -BOSS PETS -Great Skills -Recieve cash in coin pouch for skilling -Inferno Adze -Burning effect Donatorzone -Donator skilling zone -Skilling benefits -Donator Only Items -Donator Boss Other -Comp cape requirements -Acc backups -IPLock -Antihack -Custom quest -Rest area -Charm collector ring -Crystal key chest - Wilderness Key chest -Players online code. -Custom NPCS -Rare drop messages if you want your loot shown -Personal kill counter -Bank tabs -Petzone -And much more

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    2017-04-29 20:38:44
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Elation RSPS

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