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Osiris HD - 639 RSPS - OPEN BETA - Hydrascape Engine

Osiris is a 639 RSPS designed off of the popular Hydrascape engine. Developed currently by several of the original team members from 2007, Osiris is quickly developing to be one of the most revolutionary and advanced servers of 2017. FEATURES 25 Skills to train with skill capes, master capes, and completionist cape with particle effects Always stay busy with 20 bosses to kill with realistic rewards and drop rates Dozens of boss pets For both pkers and skillers including Wild Wyrm, God Wars Pets, Slayer Pets, and more Realistic, balanced combat system with PK tournament leaderboards and rewards IRC chat system talk to your friends in-game outside of the game through your web browser Player to Player Mailing send messages to players even when they are offline Chat Bot OsirisAI answers questions, hosts events triviaword scramblehangmanblackjack, and offers many features for players ...and many more ABOUT US Osiris was created by the developers and original owners of Hydrascape with a combined 30 years of experience in RSPS. Our goal with Osiris is to get back to our roots and make content to be revolutionary again instead of rehashing the same content over and over again. Weve already introduced multiple new features including new items, bosses, areas, and services such as player to player mailing and chatting outside of the game. The new OsirisAI system automates many things such as answering questions for players, letting players know what NPCs drop what items, and where to find where NPCs are without the use of an external guide. Were very sociable with the players and participate in the official skype group every day for continuous feedback and suggestions from the player base themselves to create a product that everyone will enjoy playing. We hope that you take the time to check out our server and let us know how we can improve during this beta period.

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    2017-04-10 14:44:16
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Osiris HD - 639 RSPS - OPEN BETA - Hydrascape Engine

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