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Elywyn Pre-EocOSRS, Best of both worlds, INFERNO...

Elywyn Pre Eoc oldschool Brand new server Come get ahead while you can, before it gets huge Owner always online DOWNLOAD HERE -- Content VORKATH AND INFERNO COMING OUT THIS WEEK 5718 -bosses- NEX wilderness bosses, Wildy Wyrm, zulrah, kraken, corp, custom torva pernix and virtus bosses ect. Loyalty program All Osrs items Pre eoc items Drygores Torva, tentacle, blowpipe, Divine, Primal Unique Home area IMGhttpi64.tinypic.com10csr6b.pngIMG Custom Nex bosses that have better drop rate than nex, We have the real nex as well, full fight too IMGhttpi67.tinypic.com296dlk5.pngIMG Oldschool bosses and items as well IMGhttpi68.tinypic.com28qvqyq.pngIMG

Elywyn Pre-EocOSRS, Best of both worlds,...
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