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Runescape Top 100 List


- Experienced developers that actually know how to play RS, code, and make the best updates for players - Aura system is implemented: for example, the Baron Nashor buff, like in League of Legends, granting a whooping +40 Attack Accuracy, +40 Defense, and +20 Strength in PvM only. It lasts 30 minutes, and is obtained by vanquishing a formidable 1v1 boss, the Giant Sea Snake, as a 100 drop. - Unique Influence Point (IP) system: earn points by killing monsters, completing slayer tasks, killing players in the Wilderness and in FunPK, and even doing things like skilling and participating in mini-games such as Barrows and Pyramid Run! - Storm of Armadyl spell added (takes the slot of Ibans Blast), and it casts faster with the Armadyl Battlestaff, or the Empowered Air Staff. It has a minimum hit, like real rs, and increased accuracy. - A myriad of formidable bosses to fight, such as: - The Night-Gazer, which has 2 forms, 25 lifesteal and smite, and drops Celestial Robes and new rings that were never released by Runescape - Redone Chaos Elemental, which drops PvP Artifacts, Arcane Necklaces, and the dragon 2h sword - Rammernaut, which resides at the end of a large chain dungeon and drops Primal Maul and Warhammer - Nomad, which is completely recoded from scratch: it doesnt just kind of hit you, like on other rsps, but it has MANY different attacks, such as an unavoidable soul blast attack that he must charge up for, and many phases, where on the final phase, he hastes his attack speed significantly. He also comes with a complicated quest, unique to Insanity-X, securing Nomad as an elite boss only to be accessed by elite players.

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