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Hello and welcome to the vote page of Retery, We are a new server and we are aiming to be the best of all servers. What do we have to offer? 24/7 uptime Boss pets which are obtainable after 2000 kills of a specfic boss Trivia questions (Monthly updated) Weekly patches Custom highscores Rank lending Max exp is 10B 10B cape Achievements Weekly damage event Boss kill count tab Bosses include: - Nex - Bandos - Saradomin - Zamorak - Armadyl - Combat Trio (Hellmania, Hellblaze, Helldroid) - Seasinger - Death Lotus - Maximum Gradum - Retery - Blink - Fear - Necrolord - Corporeal Beast - Queen...

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    2020-05-13 07:18:29
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