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Runeonymous 317 ||HD-FS||Weekly Big Updates||(Always online ignore status)

Ignore status, we're always online. Website : Play : Runeonymous.jar Ballista Group Slayer Group Dungeoneering Drygores Zulrah G.e Hiscores Custom Home Areas Every skill works flawlessly, with a competetive hiscores Custom boss drop log Custom monsters killed log Clue scrolls In chat emojis / emoticons Imbued items Working dwarf multicannon No scam dicing system Forums Auto vote Auto donation Fully working farming Stable economy Dedicated hosting Ironman - Hardcore ironman Welcome to Runeonymous. The new, upcoming RSPS. We are currently in BETA however the game is being worked on and updated daily. This server is the perfect blend between OSRS and Pre-Eoc RS, as it was in 2007, all the way up to just before EOC. What puts Runeonymous ahead of the competition? Runeonymous has many unique features and content that you'll find nowhere else. Everything is built from the ground up and designed to offer you those memorable moments either alone or with friends. We currenty have custom minigames, bosses, fully working Nex, mini-quests, zombie hoarde minigame and many many more. Our economy is actually one players can look forward to joining, with your rare drops actually making a difference! Runeonymous' devlopers are true Runescape veterans and as players we know the best course of action is to listen to the players! Which is why every post on the suggestions thread is read and carefully considered. We are looking to become one of, if not THE best RSPS around, so we have tried our best to make everything as fun and enjoyable as possible. From adding FULL dungeoneering to a fully functional G.E Runeonymous is in its early days, but don't let that put you off. We have many ideas and cotent is being added to the game regularly.

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