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While reading through the information below, you will see why you should join today! About RiGiDscape: RiGiDscape was created in October of 2013 by 3 owners and now is ran by Tyler and Kyle. We took a break for the server because of stressful situations we had in the past... But we are ready again! The initial setup including the time for the beta server and testers to play took around 2 weeks before the server was online to the public. Since then RiGiDscape has had nothing but a growing community. Everyday we are looking for a new challenge and hope to make an impact on all players that come through our sight! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- RiGiDscape has a very active and respectful community. Whenever we have new players log in everyone welcomes them! As a community we do our best to live up to our expectaions in the server in the best humane possible way. RiGiD staff team that will always be there for you and make sure all of your requests are fulfilled! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- RiGiD Gaming: RiGiDscape is filled with many new items and bosses! We have 20+ different bosses you can fight in game! Along with over 200 npcs alone to fight for PVM! All of which drop so very rare and expensive items! The bosses will range anywhere from the regular old time bandos boss Full Working Kiln and Jad! Custom skilling! ------------------------------------------------------------- Other Things that RiGiD has to offer! RiGiD community is very well known for some of the events that not only the Staff do, but also the players! We have great events that go server wide! PVP Events Castle Wars Events Clan Wars Events Clan Events PVM Events ------------------------------------------ Owner Held Events HP Events Hide And Seek Events Server Wide Holiday Events Trivia Events ------------------------------------------- Due to us just recently coming back up we are asking all potential donators to play the server a little bit before deciding to donate! We are wanting to get the server back in great shape first! We have great benefits emplimented and are willing to start allowing donations when all players decide the server is in good enough condition since we are just coming back up! -------------------------------------------- I dont even know why im talking on here!!!! Come to http://www.rigidscape.com and try it out yourself today! If you have questions most players are from the original server! So just ask them and work your way up if you cant get the answer you are looking for!

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