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Project 1337

Welcome to Project 1337 I should have called it Project community but anyways, a server run by me Schokk for all of you to enjoy. I am here after Runescape completely ruined the game with their EVOLUTION OF COMBAT , so I want to revive the good old game we all once enjoyed the most now its all for you and me to decide what we want to be done in this server I believe the power is in the community and I hope we all can make this server the best it can be, your ideas and inspiration matters alot to me and you will see me online very often, I will play the server with you and will improve it on the go. Server will be updated when we get your suggestions and will be provided with the best support we can give you. We are currently looking for staff as we are just starting out and would LOVE for you to try this server. My aim is to keep this server running no matter what problems we face, You will find all the features of this server listed down below I am looking forward to seeing you online let this project begin Server Developer Schokk Server Restarts every 6 hours to save your latest progress just type save Server Bonus XP is coming this weekend from Friday to Monday FORUMS Project1337.userboard.net CLIENT DOWNLOAD links on forum GRAND EXCHANGE 24 Fully Working Skills Normal Ironman Hardcore Ironman Modes BOSSES FUll GODWARS DUNGEON Dagganoth Kings Frost Dragons Tormented Demons King Black Dragon Chaos Elemental Slash Bash Nomad Kalphite Queen Phoenix Bandos Avatar Glacors Corporeal Beast Nex MINIGAMES Warriors Guild Pest Control Duel Arena Barrows Tzhaar Fight Cave tzhaar Fight Pit Graveyard Arena MINI QUESTS Recipe For Disaster Nomads Requeim

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Project 1337

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