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JPK667 re-back |PvP|Skilling|Custom's|Slayer|Based on Tiznex|

Website: [url=http://jpk667.com]JPK667 - Home[/url] Discord: [URL="https://discord.gg/mw7z4Pk"]https://discord.gg/mw7z4Pk[/URL] Flawless PvP Take part in an epic Player Killing experience! Amazing PvM Test your might against the many bosses in JPK! Perfect Skilling Compete with others with the perfect XP rates Slayer System Go on great tasks to terminate assigned monsters for great rewards! Donator Benefits Enjoy non-gamebreaking benefits for supporting the server. Vote Rewards Be rewarded for helping the server! Take 2 minutes to vote every 12 hours for amazing rewards! Custom Items Customs are bittersweet, but we make sure ours are unique and appealing to all. Great Staff Our staff team are always readily available to help you. Just submit a ticket!

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    2019-07-08 07:34:04
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JPK667 re-back |PvP|Skilling|Custom's|Slayer|Based on Tiznex|

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