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GalaxyPS is a server that focuses on OSRS and Unique Custom Content. We strive to bring you, the players frequent unique updates and make sure that GalaxyPS is a fun experience for all players. GalaxyPS is centered around PvM, most of the time you will be hunting for our custom items by killing our custom monsters and bosses. We have several different tier training zones which can be used for grinding out skills or simply hunting for a drop. As Ive said GalaxyPS does also offer the latest OSRS Data and provides up-to-date OSRS content for those oldschool lovers. Although like weve said the game is centered around PvM, we do however have a flawless Combat system meaning PKing is just as exciting Also custom items are NOT aloud in the Wilderness making Pking having a strong OSRS feel. We also have several Skilling zones which provide you with everything you need to get that Max cape Come and join us now at httpgalaxy-ps.com

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