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Tanzanite | New RSPS | Zulrah | Construction | Highscores | Remarkable Eco

Welcome to Tanzanite, we are a brand new RuneScape Private Server. Tanzanite is here to bring you the best quality Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Monster (PvM) experience. Notable features from last update Highscores are finally here! We are now VPS hosted Full NPC and Player clipping! Zulrah is even closer to being complete! Now all 3 stages work 100% Ring of wealth is here! Donators get automatic 1.15x drop rate including 1.5x longer prayer! You can now drop items whilst a pet is following you! hank you to everyone who has been here since the start; it's been a quick few days and lots of improvements and much much more to come, the list of updates below are the updates we have made since we updated the game. Some are missing! Please note you must download new client for most of these features to work! UPDATES Fixed highscores; Owners no longer show up on highscores and you also need 200,000 total XP in-order to be logged. The last 3 skills on highscores didn't correspond properly with the game, which is now fixed. Hunter - Summoning and Construction xp and level variables in-game were wrong ie. Hover over Construction it gave you information for Summoning. Dungeoneering is now fixed all floors and complexities; added the "key" drops. Arcane stream necklace is now fixed via. Points, as well as deflector. Ranks were added for top 3 highscore members; also your overall rank is now listen when you click your name, whilst viewing a member on highscores the "Level Rank" is now centered. Upon fighting a slayer NPC; if you did not have the correct level before it did not tell you what slayer level you required to fight that NPC. It now tells you what slayer level you require if you do not meet the requirements. Zulrah is no longer safespottable; we changed the attack distance required. Vorago use to be safespottable; changed locations and made it multi. Auto vote system! Fixed warrior guild; you couldn't attack cyclops's and it only went to rune defender. You can now achieve a dragon defender! Fixed quest tab, every time you got a slayer task dung tokens changed to amount left. Fixed players and owners yell players were bugging that it was too hard to read. Frost dragons didn't need anti-fire shield or dragonfire shield, they now do. Added more supplies to general store and magic store. Raised xp rates from x400 rs to x800 rs, a lot more like it now. Was too slow before Added "Slayer scroll" which grants 2-5 slayer points and "Advanced slayer scroll" which grants you 6-10 slayer points. Made kree'arra and minions 30% weaker due to being over powered. Made General Graardor and minions 15% weaker due to being over powered. Upgraded to VPS! Buffed range and mage shop Added more to food supply shop Fixed drop rates for dragon med helm and dragon chain they were way too high Pest control didn't work at all and it is now fixed. (You couldn't do any damage before) Fixed empty flask from being able to "Drink" it. Fixed enchanted gem you can no longer wear it. Reduced God Wars Dungeon spawn timer from 200 seconds to 100 seconds. Added ring of wealth does 15% more drop rate. Extreme donator has automatic ring of wealth built into account, wear the ring and you get 30% drop rate increase. Fixed all NPC clipping and player clipping Zulrah is now closer to being complete; before it had a random 30hp and you had to kill it via deflect, now it's attackable. Added boss slayer tasks! You must have 80 slayer in-order to use this feature. Extreme donators now have 50% less prayer drain You can now drop items whilst a pet is following you!

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Tanzanite | New RSPS | Zulrah | Construction | Highscores | Remarkable Eco

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