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Torva - Best content packed 718

This is a new 718 Server, We have a decent development team, which are 100 good at coding JAVA and we have got good website developers, we are currently going to do many videos on youtube, and do many good updates to make the Players Proud, and also We always listen to the player, whatever the players want, we add it to the game and make em happy Hope you lads enjoy this server, theres more media and videos coming soon FEATURES A zamorakian falador Zamorakian themed intro Ironman and Hardcore ironman modes Fun thing Added womenmen to skillcape emotes npcname, dropname, npcid, and dropid commands to lookup drops Zooming inout by scrolling Sheathing Fist of Guthix Custom Rise of the Six Skill-fu Pub System Global Dueling Mod Finder Slagilith, mining mini-boss The Mudskipper, the Fishing mini-boss Warrior Guild XPLevel Targets Soul Wars Squeal of Fortune Custom Dungeoneering The Hunger Games Minigame Bank Pins The Evil Tree 13 bosses Puro Puro Penguin Rewards Town Crier with the Latest Updates Hunter Farming Boss Pets Cache loading 742 version with higher data packed Many custom items around 200 customs. Off-Hands Weapons KillStreak system Some RuneScape 3 items such as Sirenic normal, golden and dragon, Malevolent, Tectonic, Ascensions, Seismics, Drygores, Colored Drygores 3rd age, shadow.. etc, Textured drygores weapons Trivia bot system with rewards Loyalty system Loot beams unique drops annoucement XP lamps Effigies Crystal chest with hundreds of rewards Mystery boxes a box that contains like 3000 items which you can get, you can use it to get many many donations. Ecto-Tokens with rewards shop Each time u kill a boss you get amount of tokens where you can spend to get dragon armour and such good armour 3 Premium ranks - Each has description in control panel PvM system each time u kill a strong boss u get pvm points which you can spend on a shop Quite possibly more features, these are off of what we can recall. AND LOADS MORE What are you waiting for Join now and begin your adventure

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    2016-12-11 08:45:27
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Torva - Best content packed 718

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