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Triton - ECO/PK

Triton is a new private server with an existing community that aims to satisfy the community by providing the best and most up to date content. Everything you would expect from a runescape private server in 2016 is provided for you here at Triton. Our server is solely community driven which means we rely on our community to provide suggestions and feedback to our game updates, and ultimately this is what will decide whether content comes or goes from our game. You are the creator. Here at Triton, you only need to download our client loader once. Once you have downloaded our loader, it will automatically check if your game files need updating, and then proceeds to update them if needed to make sure your game is completely up to date. Effortless play is an understatement to describe Triton's gameplay and updating. The Triton team is dedicated to providing you with the best experience, and within our community, we believe that nothing is 'perfect' or 'flawless' and we are constantly striving to improve our content to make sure you as a player get the utmost enjoyment from our game. Triton also operates in a professional environment to make sure you feel comfortable with the staff team, development team, and community as a whole. With our dedication towards providing you an enjoyable, unique experience and your time set aside to be a part of a growing, friendly community, we can become a server like no other. What are you waiting for? Features[/b] Item colour customisation Full duelling (custom rules) Fullscreen/Resizable Referral system Voter of the week, donator of the month and lottery Client customisation Item drag tweaking In-game colour pickers CTRL item selection Custom trading Unique strategic bosses More item containers Bank slots Bank tabs Bank searching Achievements Boss kill log Questing Untradable item storage Lottery Gambling Money pouch incorporated with trade Pet cage On demand loading Custom pets Trivia Duo sessions (Social sessions) Adventure log Loyalty rewards Killstreaks Mystery well Automated tournaments Maxhit HUD Wilderness events 20+ bosses (with 07 bosses) Wilderness bosses Boss instancing Temporary abilities Account guardian with email (99% unhackable accounts) Player kits Grand exchange Prestige Warrior's guild Full barrows Drop party room Godwars Balanced combat Account modes Ironman mode Working degradable corrupt items Npc head icons (cyclable) Better npc logic Pest control Custom drop npc drop tables Automatic voting Server-website integration Curses Good following (combat/non combat) No dupes Friendly community

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    2016-06-02 13:43:19
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Triton - ECO/PK

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