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Vestige-x OSRS Customs Community Driven Experience

Vestige-x Returns with an OSRS server. Back in late 2011 Vestige-x was a popular customs server. Vestige-x became fairly well known and shortly after, customs servers started appearing left, right and center. We were the first server to showcase the now infamous Pokemon models - Granted they were unanimated and pretty tasteless. 7 Years on, a lot more development experience and knowledge gained by our developer and Vestige-x returns. With community input we aim to be one of the best OSRS servers around, offering a unique experience unlike any other. Server Features - Training to 99, with fun new training methods. - Highscores on the way - Double Exp Weekends - Hosted on a Dedicated Server. - Achievements System and Drop Manager Viewer. - Clue Scrolls With Various Rewards. - Caskets, Mystery Boxes and other various rewards - Duel Arena Staking. - All skills work. - Flawless Pking - Donor shops, Zones - Customs - Full Screen Supported - Active Community - Custom Interfaces - Weekly Updates - 10 Bosses - Endless Hours Of Content. - Ironman and hardcore ironman - Fair xp rates and drops. - All the max capes ingame with most of the new osrs items. - Helpful and Friendly Staff - Our Developer cares about the community. More.

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    2018-08-05 04:04:43
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Vestige-x OSRS  Customs  Community Driven Experience

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