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JamesScape is a RSPS that is reopening its doors to you! We are starting out new. To begin, we are going to be giving away 350M RSGP once we reach a certain number of players. We are in beta right now and need help from you! We need a stellar staff and beta is the time to start looking! Economy We used to be a huge RSPS with a difficult economy and levelling-up. Now, we realized that there must be a balance between too hard and too easy. We have finally evened it out and are glad to introduce our perfect economy. There are so many ways to increase your worth in the game and all methods are almost equally effective with the perfect amount of toughness to make it fun while not overbearing. Unique JamesScape offers different content. We are unique in that we have custom items, minigames; we have tons of bosses. For minigames, we have pest control (under construction),dungeoneering (as a skill), and some other custom ones. Similarly with the quests and items. Just get on and check them out! PVP JamesScape has many opportunites for PVP. We have a lot of zones that house pvp. There is funpk (lose no items on death), pk (risk), duel arena, and other various minigames. There will be a highscores to keep competition with your friends too!

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