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Hello players Today i will show you the best future server , i will say before starting , my english is so bad because i am a french canadian guy ahah so pleasee give me a chance with my language httpzeraps.org ZeraPS , Zera, ZP , Name it like you want but ITS YOUR Amazing server with voterewards , webshop , and 4 big donator shop in game Staff Needed I am solo in this server so i verry need staff , This server will be on for 2 years , i bough a verry good dedicated so , no lagg thanks to Simplicity for the base of Zera Server. Logs -trio bosses cash rewards - Donation 100 working -client startup fixed -Highscores Also In game panel -25 Bosses - Construction working -Slayer Fixed - Quest Fixed -Note Trader Note Coin -Scroll Vote on webshop If you are a voter you can get many cash with trading that voting scroll -Boss point shop -Trivia point shop -Loyalty -Player owned Shop -StarDust You can mine to get stardust and with that stardust you can buy verry good stuff -Well of goodwill -Amazing pvp trader -Hunter working -New pet bosses -Fixed the prayer book switching for unlimited prayer glitch -Reworked the way blowpipe handles no ammo as it was a small factor to some lag -Added a new player protection so players cant trade, stake, or enter wilderness for around 15-20 minutes -Made throwing knives sellable again -Refreshed some of the trivia questions -Added more rewards to the crystal chest fancy boots -Added more npcs to slayer tasks for each tier -players can now use experience lamps for construction -99 construction is now required for max title and max cape -Added more tools for staff and admins as it is important as we gain more and more players -Added server announcement for when a player achieves one billion xp in a skill -Made phoenixs magic logs drops noted -Buffed nexs power against players, nerfed borks powers against players. get form apache -fog toggling fix -any client cleaup for cleint performance -pos int mem leak server lag -best spot for launcher to get client from

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    2017-11-28 04:31:50
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