Runescape Top 100 List



Cloudnine is a 317 loading 602 with perfect combat and focused on PVM PVP but is skiller friendly Preload gear Grand Exchange Bosses Amazing combat all items can be bought through pk points or made or dropped by bosses join today and have fun Check us...


The supreme server for any RSPS enthusiast. Features - Combination of perfect PK adventure and skilling world - Ultimate XP rates - 14 Bosses - Fully working Minigames - 100 Achievements - Fun quests - Fully working Grand Exchange - Perfectly...


Welcome to VenomX718 This is a new preeoc server with fair xp rates, balanced economy and a lot of pvm to do. We are working on our own content and are ready to make a lot of changes for our players I will hope to see you all there

Void-Desolation | New Server | Grand Exchange | 14+...

Void-Desolation is a new Runescape Private Server that has a large amount of features that are certain to entertain any player! Not only does Void-Desolation have great features, but it also is professionally owned and hosted, and has a great community....

Wisdom-Ps 317 Custom Server 200 Customs online 247

Wisdom-Ps is a brand new server, Our aim focus on this server is to bring you the most fresh and best content you will ever see, Pvm Server ------------------------ --- Top Features --- ------------------------ Nex armour Torva...

Wisdom-PS 317

Brand new 317 Custom Server, Still in progress, Updates daily to improve server, Download ink for Client is on website.


Brand new economy server. New updates everyday.. Also treasure trails! Start your adventure today at ParadiseZone Features: Daily Updates Working Vengence Working Barrows Working Godswords Working Skills Working Pest Control Working Dragon Claws...

Xyle 1 OSRS Emulation Abyssal sire PK District

Xyle Your 1 OSRS Based Economy Server Achievement Diaries Abyssal Sire PK District Cerberus Osrs bounty hunter Iron man Ultimate Iron Man Zulrahj Great Economy

HeavenX 317 Revamped Custom Built Brand New

HeavenX Has been Released After 1 Year Of Shut down. Come check it out VPS Dedicated Weekly Updates New ZONEs NPCs Added

Ragefire l 1 Custom Server l Active Gamble l POS

Weekly Events l Discord Events l Player Owned Shops l Custom Content l The Inferno l Iron man Hardcore l Active Gambling l Soul Wars l 10 Minigames l 100 Achievements l OSRS Content l Active Staff l Active Community l Active Discord l Active Forums l...

DDSPK OSRS-133 Data - ECO - Raids - 21 BOSSES... Website link Forums Download Start playing Combat EXP x80 Skilling EXP x40 Home Location Edgeville Whats DDSPK DDSPK is a oldschool type of a private server. DDSPK has a well-built economy. The server is...


minigames - lots of updates -hiscore modes ironman, hardcore ironman, osrs


Old School Bosses such as Cerberus, Callisto, Venenatis Scorpia, Vetion, and much more to come. Old School Items such as Toxic Staff of the Dead, Blowpipe, Trident of the Seas, Tentacle Whip, Zamorkian Hasta, and much more., King Black Dragon, Giant...


Ascend-Ps is a new OSRS themed server. We are currently in beta and are looking for beta testers. Right now All players can spawn using item and mastermax.


Features Custom gambling NPC Bosses: Corp, Callisto, Scorpia, Zulrah, Kraken, Godwars & more Minigames:Clan Wars, Duel Arena, Gun Game, Barrows & more 30+ Players Online 24/7 Rewarding Achievements Staff List/Trusted List (Automatically Updating) ...

Augury Free chaotic for joining

Introduction Augury RSPS is a runescape private server based on a 317 revision. It is completely free to play and offers some of the most unique and highest quality gameplay in runescape private server history. We have been online since September 2015...

AutoScape Runescape Private Server

Our innovative and unique approach to server design, down to the smallest details, is incomparable to the competition!


Hi guys, this is a new server that will be receiving lots of updates as times goes by. There is all 25 skills, bosses, all items and much much more ! Come by today for fun and a great laugh ! List of content: Things it has: QBD KBD Kalphite Skills all...

Hunger Games RSPS

aligncenterIMGhttpi57.tinypic.comvo35s6.pngIMG URLhttpswww.dropbox.comsxxiqthg0wx7krtiCLIENT.jardl0BSIZE4DownloadBSIZEURL URLeco-pkscapes.webs.comBSIZE4WebsiteBSIZEURL sizelargebRuneScape Hunger Games is a minigame server where you obtain weapons...

Biohazard 474

Website Get ready to see the best content-wise server online. Biohazard offers all 22 RS2007 skills, well combat, active pvm, unique minigames, 100 stability combined with staff professionalism, unique interfaces, and a beautiful game-play. We promise...

Spectral scape

regular 718 eco rsps with korasi questline and many working bosses/minigames great staff & community. tell em Camel toes sent ya :)


Were driven by your mind. Community suggested paid Developers. 30 bosses Abyssal Sire, Nex, Zulrah, Kraken, Scorpia, Callisto, Venenantis, Corporeal Beast, Potion Decanting, place holders Perfect Combat Switches, Need Staff, Brand New. 2018


Running an old server I had. All are welcome to join. The webclient however is not online yet, but you can download it here. Feel free to join the forum also. Currently looking for adminstrator positions...


Cirvex is a 667 loading server!Cirvex is a quality server packed with resources to ensure a great experience. - ECOPvM - NEW - NEED STAFF

Brand new RSPS, need staff 20 online, Christmas Mboxes, PVM, IPB Active Forums, Active Discord, Christmas Event, Music Channel, Double Donations - EnglishSwedishDanishSpanishArabic languages supported

Byzantium - 2007 - Custom

Byzantium is a new RSPS that strives to merge 2007 content with custom content seamlessly. We have all F2P quests, some members quests, and all 2007 skills working perfectly. Come join before we get popular and reserve your slot on the high scores. ...

Jennings-Scape 317 24/7

We are a fresh new server based on a source that some of us all know. Check us out! Website is under maintenance, but client is there to download!

Dejavu RS - New - BETA - OSRS

New server in development, osrs based. Tons of content to play with, log in and check it out Were waiting

Brutalscape 2016 New RSPS!

Boss Pets | Hardcore Iron-Man | Full Construction (Gilded Altars etc) | 100+ Achievements | Prestiging system | Loyalty points | Perfect timing | Awesome developed server with an amazing staff dedicated to bringing you perfect content and gameplay!

Dianabol Rsps

A 317 server for rs fanatics to go when you just want to have fun and pk,pvm,gamble much more

Falling Medows

Join now The Falling Medows Private server , Great server with alot of events and fun bossing pking

Iceyscape 317 New Server

Instanced Gwd, Custome Wildy Boss, All working skills, 2009 Runescape themed


Zulrah Nex Glacors Castle Wars Admirable Economy 35 Bosses 20 Boss Pets Tasteful Mix of Pre-EoC and OSRS Full Construction Combat Room, Menagerie, Gilded Altars Summoning Duo Slayer Clan Wars Grand Exchange

ReverseNex Eco Pvm

RN is a Packed 317 server, Were driven by your mind. Community suggested paid Developers. 24 bosses with features Abyssal Sire, Nex, Zulrah, Kraken, Scorpia, Callisto, Venenantis, Corporeal Beast, Potion Decanting, Bank Tabs, Full Clan Chat, Perfect...

Simpledayrs Staff needed

A new server that needs new people. All bossing, Gambling and skills work. The server is pretty damn new and needs 2 mods and 1 admin. Download here httpswww.dropbox.comshu3szglzuhomst4Client.jardl0 Or visit the website

Hydrix Rsps Play Now
ManicPS - 40+ Bosses, Daily Events, Custom Items