Runescape Top 100 List


ArteroPk - Best spawn Server - 300+ online

Arteropk is an ECO RSPS that has been running since 2010. We don’t like to limit ourselves to just having fun, we offer fully functioning skills (including dungeoneering & summoning), custom minigames, and exciting PvM. Why join ArteroPk? Login, Spawn...

Zanaris - Glacors released

All Boss Pets - Real Hunter - Loyalty Titles - Ironman - Full Screen Client - Forinthry Dungeon - Bank Tabs - Real Treasure Trails - Duel Arena - 110 New Achievements - Custom Completionist capes - Vanguard Minigame - Custom Whips - Gambling - Duo... • Blackjack • OSRS Eco-Spawn • Gambling

Wilderness Heatmap | The Best Combat | All 07 Bosses | Most Active Wilderness | Dicing 55x2 & BlackJack Systems | Active Hybriding & Clanning | Only 07 ITEMS | Oldest OSRS Private Server | NEW: Released Skilling | Coming This Month: Clan Panels | Join... - NEW - Released 15th July 2016 - Looking...

RioScape 1 RSPS Party Dung Party Slayer Awesome combat Full Screen Bounty Hunter IRON MAN MODE


Castle-Wars, All OSRS Skills, Shooting Star, Godwars Dungeon, Combat Triangle, Quests, Clan Chat, Pest Control, Warriors Guild, Brimhaven Agility Course, Perfect Clipping Systems, Duel Arena, Barrows Fight Pits, Many Bosses


Want a fun and challenging server with an amazing combat system and much more to offer We are always updating and introducing new OSRS like content.

Divinity614 Pking and Spawn

Summoning | Godwars | Nomad | Minigames | Hybridding | Dedicated Management | Bank Tabs | Weekly Updates | Great Economy | Tormented Demons | Dicing | Active Community | Hundreds of Players | Wilderness Bosses | Revamped Combat | Vote Rewards | Clan...


Set the combat levels you want and start pking right away We are an economy server focused on providing a quality experience with a plethora of content to relive the Pre-EoC memories you loved RSPS2 is reliable, updated frequently and community oriented....

MBScape - 2012 OSHD

Raids, Inferno, Twisted bow, Ancestral robes, Infernal MaxComp Capes, HD Graphics, Pre-Eoc animations and combat, All 3 Ironman Modes, Realman Mode, 40 boss fights, OSRSand RS3 items, Bonds


Os-Unity The new 1 OSRS server, We have Chambers of Xeric Raids, Hourly Dead man mode, Community Bossing, Community Skilling, Weekly Events, Helpful Staff members, Weekly Updates, and best of all We Listen to our players, we add what you guys want

Lost Isle Wild Isle

Almost ALL OSRS Bosses with more to come Anything you want from OSRS you can find here Unique Content that no other servers have Fully coded Puro Puro 20 Fully working skills inluding Hunter and Farming Construction Coming Soon Fun and not too...

Simplicity-Ps - Lets hit 400 players

300 Players - Fastest growing rsps - Active Gambling - Amazing Pvm - Duo Slayer - Party Dung - WildyWyrm - Shooting Starts - Achievements - Drop tables - Iron Man Modes - Summoning - Construction - Boss Pets - Custom Titles - Come Play The No.1 Rsps Now...

RuneDreams - A dream come true!

Six XP Rates || Economy & PvP based server || Full Clan Chat System || 24 Skills || Two Iron Man Modes || 10+ Bosses || Shooting stars & Evil Saplings || Weekend Events || All Minigames Including Soul Wars || Bank Tabs || In Client Registration ||...

Forgotten Paradise - Start Your Adventure Now


Guthix - The RSPS you should be playing

Join Guthix an RSPS thats so different and yet so much fun We have over 10 Custom quests 10 minigames Custom gambling like the Colosseum 20 bosses Great Economy Custom Dungeoneering Player owned shops Tons of Server Events 24 working skills Tons...

Nocturne RS3 Best RuneScape Private Server 2017

Active Wilderness - Invention - God Wars 2 - Boss Pets - Iron Man Mode - Completionist Cape - Raids - Player Owned Houses - Stealing Creations - Perfect Skills - Competitive Clans - MORE

OS Veldahar - Your #1 OSRS Based Economy Server

OS Veldahar - Full OSRS Bounty Hunter, Awesome Economy, Flawless OSRS content, Active Community, Tons of fun


Main features - 247 Uptime - 24 trainable skills including Dungeoneering and summoning Construction COMING SOON - IronmanHardcore ironman modes with increased drop rates - 30 Bosses including Vorago and nex OSRS BOSSES ARE NEARLY DONE - Many Minigames...

The Wildy OSRS ECO PVM | PVM | New Content!

OSRS ECO PVM PVP Abyssal Weapons | Wildy Resource Area Full Zulrah | Corporeal Beast | Cerberus DWH | DCLAWS | Lime Whip | Wildy Armor

Lotica - The #1 HD RSPS by SoulPlay

Lotica is the #1 667 HD server. We provide an excellent, challenging gameplay that caters to pkers, skillers, and pvmers. Lotica was just released in April, and has shown amazing growth so far. Our game is built on the powerful Soulplay network.

Anarchyscape - Active PvP | Economy and Spawn

✓ Active PvP ✓ All trainable skills ✓ Grand exchange ✓ Iron man mode ✓ Spawning mode ✓ First person mode ✓ Game points (send items to bank, place dwarf multicannon anywhere, increase chance of getting drops, etc) ✓ Stealing creation ✓ Dungeoneering ✓...

Rune Kingdom | Now this is OldSchool | Built to last

Rune Kingdom is the most unique RSPS you will find. Unique Updates | 459 | Custom Bosses | Boss Pets | Custom Pets | Sick Pking | Great Economy | Clue Scrolls | Slayer Tasks | Custom Dueling Area | Active Forums | Friendly Community | And GWD is coming...

HydraScape - The ONLY 639 Server

HydraScape is the ONLY 639 RSPS on the market, this unique and amazing game-play experience will blow any Runescape fans mind, not only do we have the most unique server around we also have the widest range of content available, Hydra is a masterpiece...

SoulPvP - Enjoy PKing with more than 400 players...

SoulPvP is one of the best PK servers provided by SoulPlay Network. Blood Money, all rare items available - NO LAG - 3 Worlds - More than 400 players Online - Enjoy PKING!

Kozaro - Your 1 OS RSPS Server

We are an OSRS Server striving for nothing but perfect content. With an already fast growing community, we aim to soon be 1 in the OS RSPS scene

Serenity - RISING TO BE #1

Custom Items || Colored Rock Crabs * Abyssal Demons * Dark Beasts || 8+ Minigames || Perfect Switching/Pking || Oldschool Items


Runixscape - The 1 RuneScape Private Server, with lot of cool stuff great Staff great community join nowHalo WartHogs and Energy Sword What Halo in Runescape Could this be real The answer is YES Runescape has Halo Energy Swords available upon donation...

SpawnScape614 100 Players

Custom Items Auto Casting Perfect Switching Curses Sounds Music 614 Global PvP Wilderness 1x10x100x Hits So Much More

GadorX - The Pursuit of Perfectionism

Website : Donate : Vote : Forum : Content : Wall safe crack minigame Milestones with comp capes with epic requierements Infinite money pouch Sonic Pikachu Squeal...

Near-Reality v2 - Hundreds of Players - #1 RSPS

Near-Reality is now back better than ever, we have a unique and wonderful community that you must come see. We offer daily updates and we hope you join!

EliteScape - Best PK Economy Server

Most addictive Zulrah, Kraken, Wildernss bosses, OSRS items. Team bossing, Last Man Standing many other exciting minigames, All skill trainable, Excellent Bossing, PvP and PvM. Awesome community and friendly staff. Play today

Amber RSPS - The most advanced RS3 server

- Divination - Cosmetic Overrides - Boss Pets - Daily Updates - IronMan modes - Treasure Hunter - Completionist Capes - Vorago Seismics - Kalphite King Drygores - Araxxor Noxious

Hyperion RSPS

Hyperion is a 718 loading 751 RSPS, which started on the 29th of August 2014 by Sam and Harrison. Our server truly is powered by the community; most updates are player orientated. We have loads of content to offer and a friendly, active community, check...


Xedia is a 718 economy server. Featuring New/Old Item looks, 100% Farming, Completely unique bosses requiring skill and tactics to kill. Join if you enjoy a sense of community and dank memes.

Project Decimate • 317 • 24/7


Hydrix Rsps Play Now
ManicPS - 40+ Bosses, Daily Events, Custom Items