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Runescape Top 100 List

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Dreamscape RSPS | 250+ players | The #1 Runescape Custom Server

Dreamscape is the longest-lasting Runescape custom server with an active forum and discord, 13 Functional Raids & 40 Bosses to kill with constant updates being worked on to better the gaming experience for you! Join now to get 5 FREE BOXES!


Celestial is a One-Of-A-Kind Custom RSPS Experience! This is NOT another cut-and-dry custom server. Celestial is developed from the GROUND UP with unique and innovative interfaces, bosses, monsters, armors, and more! Spectral is FULL of content that...

1,481 Votes

Full Karuulm slayer dungeon with Alchemical Hydra - Theatre of Blood - Vorkath - Skotizo - all skilling pets - works on 4k screens - all bosses and pets - Ironman - Weekly updates - Weekend events - Weekly Castle Wars - Perfect Grand Exchange -...

1,353 Votes
38 317 OSRS | XEROS | STARTED MARCH 13, 2020! | 60 + online

We are a new server dedicated to creating the best experience for the player! Xeros is currently run by 2 Owners who are dedicated to the game and extremely active. Join our community today and help build the best RSPS! Things you'll find on...

1,285 Votes

Check us out - https://lumbridge.net. We offer exciting and original custom server content.

994 Votes

Nightmare - A truly UNIQUE custom adventure || NIGHTMARE317 - BEST Custom RSPS of 2020 and beyond! || CUSTOMS MADE BY OWNER! || More than 2000 unique items added already! || Top Donor & Voter contest every Month! || Constant Development - New...

858 Votes

Active PvP All trainable skills Grand exchange Iron man mode Spawning mode First person mode Game points send items to bank, place dwarf multicannon anywhere, increase chance of getting drops, etc Stealing creation Dungeoneering Construction ...

856 Votes

Raids ✔ Inferno ✔ Player Owned Shops ✔ Hourly events ✔ Revenants ✔ Ironman Modes ✔ Battle Royale ✔ Dicing ✔ Bounty Hunter ✔ Falador Drop Party Room ✔ Construction ✔ Achievements ✔ Sounds & Music ✔ Particles ✔ Well of Goodwill ✔ 2FA ✔ Prestige ✔

744 Votes
43 PlayWorld - Online Since 2011 - RS Pre-EOC - F2P & P2P

Unique content, Football/Soccer, Castle Wars, Soul Wars, Stealing Creations, Fist of Guthix, Flawless Combat System, Team Dungeoneering, All skills working, PvM/PvP, Gambling/Dicing and more!

734 Votes

Stargazeps is a Runescape Private Server aimed at entertainment. Made by players, for players, Stargazeps aims to capture a flawless gameplay experience for it's players!

714 Votes

Enchanta Release September 1st! Big big server coming to a theatre near you bros

672 Votes

This isn't your typical RSPS. This custom server is starting to make a name for itself by standing out from the rest. Read more on how & why this is. Golden Ticket Event - free donator prizes | Custom Skilling & AFK Island | Weekly Updates...

637 Votes

EradicationX is now back, greater than ever with tons of new content addition! We've added custom Elite Slayer and even a Custom Raids! And of course... tons and tons more! Play today to experience the ultimate PRE-EOC feeling!

619 Votes

Distractions & Diversions; Evil tree, Crashing star, Guthixian cache, Trivias, etc. Over 20 bosses, including Vorago, Barrows: Rise of the Six, Magister, Araxxor, etc. All 26 skills, including FULL dungeoneering and Divination A super easy way to...

602 Votes

Custom RSPS | Unique Content | Tier System | Safe Gambling!!

601 Votes

Raids 1 & 2 | Vorkath | Inferno | Hydra | Custom Quests | Daily Tasks & Achievements | Boss Events | Trading Post | & So Much More!

600 Votes

Daily 07 Prize Tournaments | Wilderness Events | PvP Tasks | Active Clanning | Latest Osrs Content | Perfect Skilling | Blood Keys | Presets | Gambling | Killstreak Skulls | Osrs Bank Features

600 Votes

Win an Xbox/PS4 just for playing! - Multi-Revision Support - Custom Interfaces - Player Owned Shops - Evil Tree - Shooting Star - Achievement Diary System - Great Olm - Verzik - Nex - Vorkath - Daily Tasks - Inferno - Master Capes & Perks

600 Votes

KooselScape 2020: a new 718 server, for all of us who are affected by the corona virus and look for something to do in their free time. Download the client our website. See you in-game!

600 Votes

RuneGuild is a 317 based RSPS loading 143 data. We put to the table over 20 bosses OSRS Items all skills 7 minigames custom interfaces and a great community. If you re looking for a small-growing server with a laid back community RuneGuild is a server...

600 Votes

Group ironman with shared banking + More bank space 850 slots + God wars II + Raids + Rev caves with revenant weapons + 69 waves of Inferno + Vorkath + Daily events

537 Votes

OSRS Economy Server with Instant PvP & Regular Game Modes - Inferno - Raids - Gambling - Great Community - Keybinding - Shift Click Drop - Full Screen - Pets - Clue Scroll Rewards - Daily Rewards - Hiscores - NEW SERVER LIVE PVP EVENT @ 12:00 CST...

529 Votes
57 Tetra317  where dreams become reality

Tetra is a small server dedicated to community and player experience. We are always working on daily updates to bring fresh content and small bug fixes to keep the server running smoothly. We have a host of features that are sure to exemplify everything...

507 Votes

Turmoil.io #1 RSPS Pre-EOC and OSRS revision with lot’s of fun content. We are an economy server, packed with a lot of PvM and PvP contents, minigames, tournaments and our exclusive SEASON PASS ``` - Strong Economy - Last Man...

500 Votes

Hardcore Ironman | OSRS mode | Chambers of Xeric | PvP Tournaments | Theater Of Blood | Revenants | Nightmare Boss Items | Economy Server | Weekly Updates | Dedicated Staff Team & Community |

500 Votes

Reputation System Theatre of Blood The Gauntlet Collection Log Dragon Slayer 2 Myths Guild Chamber of Xerics Raid Daily Tasks Skilling Pets Inferno Vorkath Flawless Ironman Mode Perfect Combat System Amazing Economy Awesome Skilling Unique Slayer with...

476 Votes

We're a fresh new OSRS eco server looking for more friendly members who'd like to join our community.

400 Votes

Cap 140 Degree 15 Race CH & EUR Mestrey 280/420 Vote System Max Plus 15 No ADV Auto Events Enabled EnabledJop Temple EnabledCTF Enabled

379 Votes

#LunaORS is a OSRS #182 new Private Server! We are a new server but adding new and creative stuff all the time and slowly build up to something different and unique! -WE HAVE MOBILE AND RUNELITE!- Things like.. Fully working...

324 Votes

Full 5 Game-Modes 26 Skills including Ironman mode All runescape pets(bossing, skilling, combat pets, legendary pets with leveling up system) | Full Grand Exchange | Priffidans Top Guild | Bounty Hunter | Gamlbing-Dice Duels | World Events | Real...

316 Votes
65 ZyroRSPS.com ll VPS Hosted ll Community-Driven ll Need Staff ll Drop Party ll

VPS Hosted DDoS Protected Backup protected ZyroRSPS.Com under construction but accessible forums for playing and voting links. 317 economy server that is loading the most up to date OSRS data. Zyro OS has been under development for nearly a year. Our...

300 Votes

Welcome to RBG Scape. The complete 2009 experience. × Weekly Updates × Plenty of PVM & PVP content × Highscores & Voting system × HD & Full screen × Active and friendly Staff × 100% Working Summoning × Construction × Home Hub × Custom items...

300 Votes

BRAND NEW SERVER! ECO PS Balanced To Perfection We are a economy based server packed with RS2 & OSRS content. Balanced gameplay to sustain a strong economy whilst heavily avoiding the ability to Pay To Win as much as possible. With interactive...

286 Votes

Are you bored of playing other servers? Do you want something new? Say no more, come try out our server today, we are about having fun, with easy drop rates!

276 Votes
69 NovaScape ECO CUSTOM | PVM | PVP

~NovaScape (ECO CUSTOM)~ JUST LAUNCHED! BRAND NEW SERVER AND ECONOMY GET READY FOR A UNIQUE, FUN, CONTENT-FILLED CUSTOM RSPS EXPERIENCE! • Friendly, active, & helpful community! • Active development on consistent basis always working in...

271 Votes

-Daily Staff Sponsor Events -Active Community & Growing Fast -Fresh & Clean Economy -Over 80 Bosses -Custom Raids & Minigames -Thousands of Custom Items -Textured Items & NPC's -Active & Helpful Staff Team -Custom Maps &...

256 Votes