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Runescape Top 100 List

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Dreamscape RSPS - Biggest Custom Private Server

Bi-Weekly Updates|Daily Discord Events|AK47,Minigun & Bazookas|Diablo & Voldemort Boss|PubG Minigame|Roullete & BlackJack Table|#1 Gambling| |Revamped Custom Slayer|Unique Custom Bosses|10+ Types of Mystery Boxes|Lottery Scratch Cards


910 | Cywir RS3 - coming soon™

Cywir RS3 is re-launching! A brand new look, a whole new revision and a complete server overhaul. Sign up to our forums and join our discord to stay up-to date with the revision update and re-launch.

270 Votes

Tyras ~ 100+ players Custom RSPS

Semi-Custom Runescape private server #rsps #runescape private server #rsps 2019 #oldschool #custom #317 #semi-custom #RSPS #economy #customs #2020

267 Votes
73 OS-Veldahar 1 Oldschool Emulator  Cerberus  Lizardman shaman  Rooftop agility

OS-Veldahar 1 Oldschool Emulator Cerberus Lizardman shaman Rooftop agility

OS Veldahar Your #1 OSRS Based Economy Server |  Community  |  Play Now   | Discord | Group Iron Man Team up with up to 5 players in the latest game-mode! Theatre of blood The theatre of blood is available to conquer. Are you ready for it? Vorkath ...

265 Votes

Scythe - New RSPS

- Item Upgrading System - Fast combat EXP rates - Decent drop rates - Raids 1 (Great Olm) - Raids 2 (Theatre of Blood) - Full Alchemical Hydra - Galvek - Tekton - Inferno - Collection Logs - A lot of PvM contents - Hardcore Ironman - All 25 skills...

261 Votes
75 World of The Gods • 335a • Lvl255

World of The Gods • 335a • Lvl255

WotLK 3.3.5a •650k+ players •No lag •Pro Staff •Custom Instances, items, Quests and Events •Fun Level 255 realm •all instances working •Active PVP/PVE •All Arena&BTs •All spells/abilities works •1vs1 Arena, and more...

254 Votes


ScythePS Bringing you the best OSRS and Pre-Eoc content with a little spice of Custom Bosses!

253 Votes


Come check it out! Yanille - CUSTOM RSPS! PKING/PVMING/SKILLING - Constant updates!

246 Votes
78 Sakra - A unique oldscool Runescape experience!

Sakra - A unique oldscool Runescape experience!

Low rate server | New release 2020 | Elo rating | Bosses | Gambling | Loot+ |OSRS | Edgeville home hub | Climb the highscores| Dedicated server | Active updates | Events | Economy | Community | Double EXP Event temporarily

224 Votes

Runique Win 500 PKing 800 ONLINE

Who hasnt heard of Runique Weve been around for so long and have such a history in the RSPS scene For those unfamiliar with Runique, not to worry, we will get to that - BUT first things first The links Homepage httpruniqueps.com Download...

209 Votes
80 Sohanscape | Raids 1 & 2 | Custom OSRS Server | 300+ PLAYERS

Sohanscape | Raids 1 & 2 | Custom OSRS Server | 300+ PLAYERS

Sohanscape has unique 3 raiding systems, pvming rings, elo and community inspired updates! Come be apart of something special with the biggest RSPS Youtuber SOHANRS!

200 Votes

Project Decimate Returns

Project Decimate 474 returns ! server with over 300+ players Active PvM, Pking , Skilling , Mini-Games and more! Join Today!

200 Votes

NetherSphere - Augmenting + Custom Skilling Update! Your new most CUSTOM rsps adventure!

Hi there! Interested in new Custom RSPS action? Ever wanted to play a fully balanced server with tons of new content and fully textured items? Wanna look cool and stand out? Check out NetherSphere! We just released the Custom Skilling + Augmenting!...

195 Votes


Indova is an OSRS server that is currently loading 168 data. We thrive to create professional, unique, outstanding, community-driven content.

180 Votes

Manic - The Custom RSPS youve looked for

60 Bosses to Battle - Weekly Updates - LOADS of CUSTOM Gear - UNIQUE MINIGAMES - Advance Gambling System - Daily Events - KING of the WILD - PERSONAL PERKS - Player-Owned Shops - NEW The Restless Graveyard - NEW The Offhand Minigame

176 Votes

Vorkath #188

Features but not limited to: *Runelite Client *Wintertod Minigame *Master Clue Scrolls *Skoitzo *Lizard Shamans *Kraken *Zulrah *Cerberus *All Wilderness bosses including Chaos Fanatic, Scorpia and Crazy Archaeologist *Bounty Hunter *Thermonuclear Smoke...

170 Votes
86 RuneWar - Free Chaotic Rapier

RuneWar - Free Chaotic Rapier

RuneWar have relaunched - Theatre of blood - Inferno - Raids - Hydra - Nex - Zulrah - Duel Arena @ Home - Auction House - Shooting Star - Evil Tree - WildyWorm - Weekly Events - Vote4Rewards and so much more! See you in game.

162 Votes


Dragonstone is a new custom server with great content for you to enjoy. With different game modes available to play social and stand alone players all have a place in our servers. We have Group Ironman as well as ToB and the Gauntlet 100% matching OSRS!

148 Votes


Brand new ECO/PVP/PVM server in development since 2019. In honor of Ardougne. 24/7 up-time, looking to build a community. Daily updates and always taking suggestions - x50 xp rates - HCIM/UIM/IronMan - Extreme mode (x2 xp rates +15% drop chance) -...

133 Votes

OS Kingdom - Hydra Inferno Raids Quests Vorkath

Welcome to OS Kingdoms official advertisement thread Here at OS Kingdom we strive to emulate some of OSRSs best features and content. We currently have over 20 up to date bosses to choose from. We also have 5 mini-games such as Raids, Districts and...

130 Votes

Vortex RS3

Cosmetic Overrides - 30 Boss Pets - Daily Updates - 2 Ironman modes - Treasure Hunter - Completionist Capes - Most content-

110 Votes


Custom Raids | Custom Content | Custom Items | World Bossing | Content Packed | Quests | Achievements | Raid Items

108 Votes


Super fun Runescape Private Server pkpvm great community, dedicate and mature Staff, join now and check all our features

103 Votes


25+ Bosses | Raids | Lots of Monsters | 22 Skills | Quest | Diaries | Achievements | HiScores | Trading Post | Fun PvP | Gambling | Lots of Content

101 Votes

OS-War - Quality above quantity - DMM - Normal - Hardcore

Welcome to the OS-war serverstatus page, well welcome you here and explain what this server is and why it is as good as we think it is. We have loads and loads of content for you to enjoy, but not only with casual content that every server has, but also...

96 Votes

Darkan 2012 Remake

Darkan is a 727 server targeted at entirely emulating how RS was during 2012, but optionally with some quality of life changes and nerfs to overpowered content as seen fit by both the players and developers. I will not accept any payments in return for...

90 Votes

ReactionX Staff Open - PRE - ECO

ReactionX Staff Open - PRE - ECO Brand new server 24/7 online ! More information coming soon!

89 Votes


OS-Arctus is a PK server that has just launched! We've put in 1 and a half years of development! We are purely based on the PKing aspect of the game. However we also provide every skill trainable and bosses and slayer monsters to slay. Come and...

81 Votes

LUNA RS Raids/Hydra/Inferno and so much more!

We are a dedicated group of people working on a project to make it stand out and unique as much as possible. We are currently in BETA and are improving everyday for your RSPS pleasure. 24/7 online dedicated. Working Bounty Hunter

80 Votes

Exora - HQ Custom Server - Custom Raids - Sailing Skill

High-Quality Customs - Daily Events - Discord Events - Custom Dungeons - Sailing Skill - Custom Raids - PvM/Eco - Safe Gambling - Custom Skilling - Best Customs in RSPS Try now at: Exora.io

73 Votes


http://mistexps.com Raids 1, Raids 2, Custom Raids, Vorkath, and more http://www.mistexps.com/MistexLauncher.jar

69 Votes


[CENTER]ECO BASED SERVER COMMUNITY DRIVEN PVM PVP STAKE CHILL [IMG]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/701555655286325350/705554777588760656/disp.png[/IMG] DONATE FORUMS https://www.dispersity.net/ PLAY DISPERSITY NOW! HELP CC CHAT DISCORD ...

64 Votes


Imperium is a brand new custom 317 with tons of content we here to make an name for ourselves and were still currently under major development but this will not affect you game time. You should come and join us and become a member of this fantastic...

63 Votes

ReignersXV RSPS

ReignersXV is a 317 Custom RSPS, where players of all sorts are welcomed! This server has many features, including: Player Owned Shop System Custom Trading System Custom Gambling System Working Raids Perfected Combat System

59 Votes


Welcome to Sintennial! Thanks for clicking on us and checking us out. Sintennial is an on-going project that was started back in 2017 by myself and my brother. It's always been our dream to one day put together our own server, customize it the way...

56 Votes


- Top Features * First ever 718 loading RS3 revision private server * Frequent game and website updates * Stable economy + player based grand exchange * Master (120) capes * Full banks with tabs, searching, inserting, swapping * Bank Containers, reaching...

56 Votes