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Runescape Top 100 List

Rank Server Votes

DreamScape - Win PC, IPAD & More! PUBG MINIGAME

Bi-Weekly Updates|Daily Discord Events|AK47,Minigun & Bazookas|Diablo & Voldemort Boss|PubG Minigame|Roullete & BlackJack Table|#1 Gambling| |Revamped Custom Slayer|Unique Custom Bosses|10+ Types of Mystery Boxes|Lottery Scratch Cards


Runite | 500+ Daily Players | Biggest OSRS Server

Runite | 500+ Daily Players | Biggest OSRS Server | 23 Working Skills | Raids and much more!

97 Votes

InfernoScape 1 CUSTOM Server

CUSTOM SERVER 3000 Custom Items 40 Bosses 8 Minigames Gambling Mystery Boxes Guns Weekly Updates Daily Discord Events Player-Owned Shops Active Development No-Lag Join us and get Mystery Box

92 Votes

RuneGuild - Brand New RSPS

Brand new server with a awesome friendly community. HD defs, summoning, dung, money pouch, nex, duo slayer, inferno, better combat, curses, wildywyrm, evil tree, crashed star, arena, pvp tourneys, drop log, kill log and loads more.

88 Votes


Many fun! let's go join us! Custom bosses, items, many mingames! 24/7 online, still starting, leggo play for hve more players

78 Votes

Ateria - Pre-Eoc - Most Unique RSPS of 2019

Zulrah - Bank Presets - Daily Challenges - OSRS Items - Potion Timers - Team Instances - Boss Tasks - Grand Exchange - 100 Achievements - Rise of the Six - Friendly Community - Flawless Skilling - 38 Bosses

69 Votes

Omega-X || Customs || BETA


65 Votes

RubusPS-New custom server

Rubus custom private server is an hugh custom online runescape server where we have our biggest focus on admin and players to have fun Join our discord https://discord.gg/Qtdegy7

64 Votes


AscensionRS, -We are a brand new 317 server ready to be open to players.  -It is a highly custom server with unique content for all players to enjoy.  -We have over 40+ zones for you to get the best loot and rise to the top!  -We have custom minigames...

60 Votes

Valius OSRS Unique Raids 2 items Daily Updates Daily events

-Features- BETA TESTER RANKLIMITED TO THE DURIATION OF OPEN-BETA 171 OSRS data THEATRE OF BLOOD VORKATH FOSSIL ISLAND 25 bosses and counting OSRS Bosses Custom, Never before seen bosses Unique starter kitLimited time Starter kits come with a Crate of...

59 Votes


Cypher is brand new rsps server with so much content You will not have not seen before! We offer you Custom interfaces for slayer, teleport, player tabs Bosses like Porazdir,Giant Roc, Skotizo in Wildy with custom drops and more Starter zone and...

56 Votes

[667] Primal Pvm

--Website: www.primalpvm.eu---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Primal pvm is a brand new 667 server with many features such as: [50+ bosses] [All skills working] [A unique drop system with many...

55 Votes


Economy server with raids, many bosses, and much much more..

52 Votes

317 SemiCustom || Raids || No Stupid Customs items

New 317 Semi Custom Server No Stupid Customs items Custom home Vorkath Raids and much much more. check us out

51 Votes


Wonderful custom content! great staff and always doing updates with new content!

45 Votes


Brand New Sever!! Come out and play now:). Alot of new players joining and you can be one of them today! Enjoy!!!! Furyscape all day:))

41 Votes

Mystic-PS | Runelite | Weekly Updates | Join Now!

Weekly Updates | Active Community | OSRS Data | Runelite | Up-To-Date With OSRS | JOIN NOW! Client download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rqi9xusa3b047id/Mystic-PS.jar?raw=1 Discord: https://discord.io/mysticps ...

40 Votes

Xandr - A new Old-School experience

Xandr - NEW RSPS | Double Exp Weekends | Events | Boss/Skilling/Event Pets | Inferno | Raids | Iron-man mode | Tons of bosses | PoS | Ingame Hiscores | Beta Exclusive Pet | Droptable

40 Votes


Raids 1 & 2, custom raid, custom items,26+ bosses, 50+ pets. daily events. active community. join now!

38 Votes


Asteria X offers the most thrilling content that you will find in any Runescape Private Server and that is why players stay at Asteria X and love us - Loads of content - Bossing - PvP - Mini-games - Active Staff - Daily GiveawaysTourneys - Server...

37 Votes

Lunaris - Duo Ironman - Pk Bots - Minime Pets

Oldschool style server with very few customs. We offer a wide variety of content including Vorkath, Hydra, and the most up to date OSRS content. We have a very active and dedicated staff team. Come join the community today!

32 Votes

Darkan 2012 Remake

Darkan is a 727 server targeted at entirely emulating how RS was during 2012, but optionally with some quality of life changes and nerfs to overpowered content as seen fit by both the players and developers. I will not accept any payments in return for...

30 Votes
92 ElementalRSPS - Where legends come together

ElementalRSPS - Where legends come together

Scam-Safe Gambling, Raids Bosses, Inferno Boss, Perfected combat system, 30 Bosses, Pets, POS, DropTables, Iron Man Modes, Pre-Eoc and Osrs, Frequently Updated, Jammed with content.

26 Votes
93 Anarchy - Raids I & II - Revenant Caves - Grand Exchange

Anarchy - Raids I & II - Revenant Caves - Grand Exchange

Maintained by professional developers, we aim to bring the highest quality content to our community. With a perfect Grand Exchange, Revenant Caves, 25+ OSRS bosses and over 250 achievements. Join today!

19 Votes

Imagine - The BEST RSPS Customs Server

Imagine has been online since june 2016, remaining at over 70 players online at all times our peaks can hit as high as 350. We are changing the face of customs servers and will continue to progress and become better over-time.

18 Votes

Krator | Zombies-Survival-Eco-PvP

Krator is an apocalyptic version of Gielnor where evil and chaos has taken over. Throughout your adventure, you will notice the maps are a little spookier than before, and thus, breathing life into the content that surrounds it. The world is almost...

16 Votes

Runecessor - OSRS - We're Back!

Welcome to Runecessor! OSRS! NEW! A Server for the players, by the players! ★ Active community ★ Weekly updates ★ Skilling ★ Bossing ★ Minigames ★ Customs ★ Pets ★ Challenging Economy ★ Hiscores ★ FREE Donator Boxes Upon Joining ★ Some Staff Needed

16 Votes


[img]https://sapphire-ps.xyz/assets/rebrand/img/logo.png[/img] Welcome everyone to Sapphire-PS! We would like to formally welcome you to the community, it is a very special occasion for us, as we have worked endless hours to ensure the best experience...

15 Votes

Beastpk - Earn Free 07GP - OSRS Bosses - CUSTOMS - 100 Players

Biggest 667 - Scam-Safe Gambling - Instant PKing - Vote4Donator - 4 Years Uptime - First 667 with Zulrah - PvM - Eco - Spawn - Lastman Standing - Earn Free 07GP - Bank Presets - Equipment Presets - Completionist Cape with Amazing features Hide from...

14 Votes

OS Kingdom - Hydra Inferno Raids Quests Vorkath

Welcome to OS Kingdoms official advertisement thread Here at OS Kingdom we strive to emulate some of OSRSs best features and content. We currently have over 20 up to date bosses to choose from. We also have 5 mini-games such as Raids, Districts and...

12 Votes


brand new custom server. custom items custom bosses custom home area custom content weekly updates

12 Votes

Helwyr 3

718-RS3 - 900 Revision - Ice Dye - Telos - GW2 - New Server.

11 Votes

Death's Server - New PVP/Economy Server - RuneLite integration - Check us out

tons of content, custom items, custom bosses, need staff & advertisers.

11 Votes

Vorkath Rsps

Were a OSRS server with tons of content, and constant updates from our development team! Check us out!

11 Votes
104  Runixscape


Runixscape - The 1 RuneScape Private Server, with lot of cool stuff great Staff great community join nowHalo WartHogs and Energy Sword What Halo in Runescape Could this be real The answer is YES Runescape has Halo Energy Swords available upon donation...

8 Votes

Nexus RS3 90X ECO NXT MS Rework Telos and other T92 PVM Experiances

All working 26 Skills with MS Rework x20, x10, x5 Selectable Rates with Drop Rate Dependencies Skilling Tab Teleport System Area Loot Clan Lootshare RS3 Lootbeam System Functional Abyss and Runespan All RS3 Degradable Items with Repairs Fully...

8 Votes