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DreamScape - Win PC, IPAD & More! PUBG MINIGAME

DreamScape - Win PC, IPAD & More! PUBG MINIGAME

Bi-Weekly Updates|Daily Discord Events|AK47,Minigun & Bazookas|Diablo & Voldemort Boss|PubG Minigame|Roullete & BlackJack Table|#1 Gambling| |Revamped Custom Slayer|Unique Custom Bosses|10+ Types of Mystery Boxes|Lottery Scratch Cards



Some Key features OSRS Data, Bank Tabs, Dupe Free Stable Economy, Fluid Smooth Client Fullscreen Resizeable, Beautiful Maintained Forums ,Tons of Minigames, Perfect Skilling, Flawless Combat, Achievements, Variety of Bosses Including Zulrah, Prestige...

116 Votes

Helwyr 718RS3 NEW RSPS - Need Staff - Join us now

Helwyr is the top pre-EOC RuneScape Private Server We have a busy and friendly community, with thousands of players who also use our active forums for trading and support. We have over 30 minigames and bosses for you to enjoy, as well as full...

113 Votes


LoyaltyScape Active 317 30 Bosses 25 skills Unique Pet System Prisoners Last Man Standing Custom Skilling and Donator Zones Advanced Hiscores Professional and Active Staff 4 Game Modes 4 Difficulties Custom Items OSRSRS2...

112 Votes

Atrix Evolved

Welcome my friends to atrix-evolved, first of all thank you for your interest in our server. We hope you enjoy your time with us as we strive to become the best rsps known to man. We have a very fulfiling future ahead of us, with maxium fun in mind! We...

112 Votes


Best 667 pvm server. Eco server pvp server Come and join today

110 Votes


New custom server with custom bosses and items active community hiring staff

106 Votes

Blade RSPS

Blade RSPS is one of the most exciting RSPS Servers you can find online It includes , bossing , skilling , dicing , staking and alot more Join now

103 Votes


30 Bosses Unique Items Toxic Blowpipe 20 Minigames Player Controlled DxP New Server Great Community Clean Pking

100 Votes


With a unique economy and thriving community, infinite aims to be the top new RSPS. Our features include: - IRONMAN - OSRS / Extreme Mode (x1 xp) - Vorkath - Raids - Stable / Gambling / dbl xp weekends / Need Staff!

98 Votes


Custom Content Particles Played-Owned Shops Construction NPC Drop Tables All Working Skills 25 Bosses Pets

94 Votes


Over 1000 Customs. Pets - Raids - Custom Ichigo and Zangetsu Bosses. Thunder Gun Ray Gun Camo Torvas, and much much more Online 247 Fast ConnectionD

92 Votes

OS-SCAPE.COM - Instant PK - 500M 07GP Weekly Tournaments - Blood Keys - PvP Armours

Daily 50M 07GP Tournaments. Our main goal is to dominate the PVP scene with your help We focus on providing content requested from the players. Weve spent 3 months developing our project from scratch. Thats right, we wrote everything ourselves which...

83 Votes

Pkmadness 614

Unique 614 server Login and start Pking instantly Constant updates

83 Votes

Singularis - The Newest and Most Advanced RSPS Experience

Welcome to Singularis we are a brand new 317 based server almost ready for release. We have an amazing development team that has been working on this project for the better part of a year. Over the past few months the development team has spent countless...

70 Votes


RuneAncient is a Economy based server with Skilling, PvM and PKing. Combat stats are very fast with a high experience rate mainly for quicker PKing and combat gameplay for new players. Expect many upcoming updates mostly for wilderness and then ofcourse...

69 Votes

Immortal 667

Immortal 667 is a custom RSPS, with a lot of custom bosses and features We are working very hard to keep concistant updates to please the community

65 Votes


Unparalleled-RSPS New Server Rev Caves Bonus Weekends Raids Vorkath Active Community Weekly Updates Holiday Events

65 Votes


ExtinctionPs is a brand new 718 loading 742 custom rsps, with lots of features - Custom 718 Serve - Custom Boss - Custom Weapon - Custom Armour - Fully Working Skills - Upgrade System - Balance Game Play Donor Vs. Non Donor - Duo Dungeoneering - Duo...

62 Votes

Nexus RS3 90X ECO NXT MS Rework Telos and other T92 PVM Experiances

All working 26 Skills with MS Rework x20, x10, x5 Selectable Rates with Drop Rate Dependencies Skilling Tab Teleport System Area Loot Clan Lootshare RS3 Lootbeam System Functional Abyss and Runespan All RS3 Degradable Items with Repairs Fully...

55 Votes


Bringing back what we loved in custom servers We Strive for greatness

55 Votes

Plat-OS - Best play to rune your day

Vorkath - Revenant caves - Raids - Achievements - Social slayer - Ironman - modes - Skill guides - Clan chats - Bank - tabs - Customized home

54 Votes


Original Content Extremity offers a wide variety of content that is far different than anything youll find on other servers. Stop playing OSRS clones. Play something NEW. - Unique bosses with incredible mechanics - Dungeon instances with difficulty...

49 Votes

Sikikscape 1 RSPS Join Now Play Instant

Join and play the most fun Runescape Private Server Ever Youtube Channel Discord httpsdiscord.ggTRBZX9 ----------------------------------FEATURES OF SIKIKSCAPE...

45 Votes

Grevador Survival Eco 742 247

CENTERIMGhttpsimgur.commROy3k3.pngIMG Server Status COLOR008000OnlineCOLOR Join our Discord chat - URLhttpsdiscord.ggfWSTcdDHEREURL ADMINGrevador is not only a RSPS, but its a game that is willing to thrive through struggle and get its highest...

44 Votes

TaleScape - ECO/PK/PVM - PROMO ::Freeclaim

FEBRUARY PROMOTIONAL OFFER: Type ::Freeclaim In-Game to claim x5 Mystery Boxes for FREE! ~~~~~~~~ TaleScape was founded in 2008, and was reborn in 2018. We do our best to give you that classic grind to Comp Cape experience. Full Skilling, 40Bosses,...

42 Votes


Snow317 is back Look us up on youtube, we been around 2 years. Come join our new adventure New Grand exchange, Money pouches, all monsters drop pets of themselves. And much more

37 Votes
97 Prodigy-X 727 - The Top RS2 Server Since 2012

Prodigy-X 727 - The Top RS2 Server Since 2012

RS2Pre-EOC, Custom Maps, Economy, PvM 35 bosses, 10 Minigames, 3 Game Modes, Construction, Dungeoneering, Duo Slayer, Job System, Title Manager, Instances, Boss Pets

33 Votes

Darkan 2012 Remake

Darkan is a 727 server targeted at entirely emulating how RS was during 2012, but optionally with some quality of life changes and nerfs to overpowered content as seen fit by both the players and developers. I will not accept any payments in return for...

27 Votes


Oldschool gameplay with group bosses, duel arena, all skills fully working and a stable economy. Join today and experience excellent server stability with a range of good features for PvPers and skillers alike. We offer challenging gameplay for everybody

23 Votes


Looking for something new? Try our semi, osrs custom server,we have custom bosses,event and world bosses, custom mini-games, we are looking for some friendly faces, to join our family, has raid 1 and and raids 2 items! Doing a goodie-bag and drop party @...

20 Votes


An on-going OSRS-based project with quality features such as Raids, Inferno, Revenants caves, Vorkath, and much more We are keeping things strictly OSRS with absolutely zero custom equipment, other than an XP boosting ring. Very well-balanced economy...

18 Votes


Runescape 3 full content, economy, grand exchange, araxxor, vorago, custom content and bosses, lot of fixes, all skills working, stable source. Join with your friends the best RS3 server.

16 Votes
103 KooselScape 718 RSPS

KooselScape 718 RSPS

The ol legends of RS come to Kooselscape to kill, plunder, loot, and chat. A welcoming community with on top staff and active forums.

16 Votes

Lost Worlds

Lost World is a brand new 317 OSRS server with the newest data. We have all the new minigames including raids and inferno. We also have custom content, such as prestige, custom construction with custom houses, and a lot of OSRS bosses plus some custom...

16 Votes

Serenity The Ultimate 317 Expierence

simply the best developers in the bussiness Current Features Dicing , Minigames , Customs , Elite slayer , Skiller Friendly , and so much more come play on Serenity 317 today

15 Votes
MagePS - The Most Magical Custom Server