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Runescape Top 100 List

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Dreamscape is the longest-lasting Runescape custom server with an active forum and discord, 13 Functional Raids & 40 Bosses to kill with constant updates being worked on to better the gaming experience for you! Join now to get 5 FREE BOXES!


Win an Xbox/PS4 just for playing! - Multi-Revision Support - Custom Interfaces - Player Owned Shops - Evil Tree - Shooting Star - Achievement Diary System - Great Olm - Verzik - Nex - Vorkath - Daily Tasks - Inferno - Master Capes & Perks

600 Votes

EradicationX is now back, greater than ever with tons of new content addition! We've added custom Elite Slayer and even a Custom Raids! And of course... tons and tons more! Play today to experience the ultimate PRE-EOC feeling!

600 Votes

RuneGuild is a 317 based RSPS loading 143 data. We put to the table over 20 bosses OSRS Items all skills 7 minigames custom interfaces and a great community. If you re looking for a small-growing server with a laid back community RuneGuild is a server...

600 Votes

Nalore is an RSPS currently in development. Nalore loads RS2 data alongside your favorite OSRS data. Alpha testing will commence soon, join us and become an Alpha Tester! Feedback is our #1 priority and we take all feedback VERY seriously. See you soon!

600 Votes

#LunaORS is a OSRS #191 new Private Server! == -WE HAVE MOBILE AND RUNELITE!- NIGHTMARE BOSS SKILLING EVENTS FLAWLESS PATHING COLLECTION LOG PRIFDINAS Fully working Hydra/Wintertodt/Zulrah/All pets. Loads of fun Events! Custom made Revenants Relic...

453 Votes

Refer "rsps-list" for 2 free loot boxes! Hydrix is a 718 742 loading OSRS data. Providing the highest level of quality. Zulrah, Custom maps,interfaces, perfect combat, full skills so much more

437 Votes

718+ RSPS fun /w friends and others! enjoy your time here at KSRSPS

410 Votes

317 Private Server. Big give Away's and epic content. This is a PK/Eco adventure, You should come see the amazing content such as Pking, All Bosses, All minigames, Raids1/2 Skilling including Full construction.

400 Votes


400 Votes

We are a brand new rsps, loads to offer from our unique customs or to our, Birdhouses, farming guild or even our wilderness slayer! Come check us out! next big rsps

344 Votes

Utopia317 Brand new! Custom Server, Unique content, weekly updates, active staff join us today!

307 Votes

MEDIA HERE: http://www.pandemic-rsps.com/forums/index.php?topic=36.0 Pandemic is currently in a BETA state. We are looking to increase our community, and establish a community that is willing to grow with us. Any players who decide to join us will...

300 Votes

We are a new server dedicated to creating the best experience for the player! Xeros is currently run by 2 Owners who are dedicated to the game and extremely active. Join our community today and help build the best RSPS! Things you'll find on...

288 Votes

We are here as one, all Sired to Scape. Have you ever played Minecraft? Where some servers have pay-outs... I thought to see how it works within RSPS. How it will go down : The server will go live, there will be three chances to make yourself some...

264 Votes

The revival of Ruse. Ruse is the perfect mixture between PRE-EOC and OSRS, that you all loved so much. Providing content that was properly developed, a friendly community and a hard working staff team. We hope to see you in-game.

243 Votes

[Pre-Eoc/Osrs] Gambling | PVP & PVM | Raids | Great Olm | Daily Tasks | POS | Osrs Bosses | Raids 1 & 2 | Treasure Island | All Minigames | Wildy Boss Events | Duo Slayer | FFA Events | Inferno | Shooting Stars & Evil Trees |

237 Votes

New custom RSPS! Join now and see what we have to offer. Custom contents!

216 Votes

Group Ironman | The Magister | Telos | Nex: Angel of Death | Invention | Collection Logs | Godwars Dungeon 2 | Araxxor | Evil Trees | Dual Wielding | Hardmode Godwars | Bank Presets | Sophanem Slayer Dungeon |

170 Votes

Brand new server http://zalcano.org https://discord.gg/kCWYc7v Media soon :)

163 Votes

Pernixscape Classic Runescape Private Server PernixCus Custom Runescape Private Server We are here since 2013 , we provide for you 2 servers in the same time not only one , you can enjoy playing our classic community with full working features and in...

144 Votes

Cosmetic Overrides - 30 Boss Pets - Daily Updates - 2 Ironman modes - Treasure Hunter - Completionist Capes - Most content-

142 Votes

Arcus new 317 rsps with a lot of contents , eoc & osrs interfaces , items , npcs , features etc..

138 Votes

Fun Rsps to play come join and become the best. There is pking/Pvming/Skilling and raids 1 and two working or under development. Cheap items are spawnable and enjoy!

120 Votes

WotLK 3.3.5a •650k+ players •No lag •Pro Staff •Custom Instances, items, Quests and Events •Fun Level 255 realm •all instances working •Active PVP/PVE •All Arena&BTs •All spells/abilities works •1vs1 Arena, and more...

119 Votes

Economy Server - Perfect Hybriding - Active PvM - Top of the line Dedicated Servers - Play with hundreds - Start your adventure now

110 Votes

Why you should join Boom Scape - Dedicated Server with 2Gbps & DDoS Migration - Stable Server - Pleasing drop rates - Double exp weekends & drops - Donator Zone with Shops - Owner is very helpful and active - Friendly community - Looking for new...

95 Votes

- Max combat level is 255 - Max skill level is 168 - Warding skill to upgrade your gear - New upgrade zones - Auto train certain skills - Divination skill to gather resources and make bank - Luck skill to help you with adventures - PvM skill to make...

87 Votes

We are a brand new osrs server that has just released on the 23/09/2020, although the goal is to make it mainly pvm, there is alot of aspects for pvp and skilling in the game, We try to make the best content and interact with community every day, This is...

86 Votes

~NovaScape~ OSRS Economy with full Runelite client • Excellent Lag-free 24/7 Server Hosting • Excellent OSRS formulas, pathfinding, and combat • Most OSRS Bosses & Wildy Bosses • Full skilling including Construction • Achievements •...

65 Votes

awesome new rsps with tons of customs and npcs, goku, vegeta, vader etc. download our jar below play now here!!! https://dl.dropbox.com/s/obcrljjhqh2p... Discord chat here!!!! https://discord.gg/nKDqxHj

64 Votes

Description coming soon. I will fill this information out very shortly.

63 Votes

Welcome to Rune Divinity Rune Divinity started out as just a server for friends but now I have the passion to develop and be able to entertain as many people as possible. Rune Divinity is a 718/742 RSPS focusing on keeping the feeling of 2012 RuneScape...

43 Votes

ShadowX 718 Revisions #1 RS2 Private Server of 2021 Frequent Updates Loads of Conten New Bosses Boss Slayer System Fresh Economy Monthly Vote Rewards Great Staff Amazing Owner Customs Raids Custom Made Quests 3 EXP Modes 4 Player Types Voting System ...

40 Votes

Contact a staff member for your free 5 OP, 5 Grand, and 5 Super boxes!

39 Votes

Unique-Ps I Lots of customs I Lots of bosses I Active playerbase I Friendly staff I We are updating weekly and adding amazing content Join us at http://unique-ps.com/forums/ I hope to see you ingame!

30 Votes