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Runescape Top 100 List

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Pre-EOC + OSRS - 1500+ ONLINE, Nightmare, Gauntlet, Raids 1 & 2, Inferno, Queen black dragon, Construction, Summoning, and much much more


-Pvp minigames -Nightmare -Custom home -Custom items including collectors necklace -Afk tree -Flawless pvp -Flawless pvm -Custom pets -Custom donatorzones -Theatre Of Blood -Chamber Of Xerics -Active Minigames -Inferno Waves -Active Community -Collection...

44 Votes

ViolationX - Semi custom PvM and PvP server ViolationX is an OSRS-based private server that offers a unique semi-customized gameplay experience for both PvM and PvP players. Our goal is to maintain a healthy community, and our unique content sets us...

42 Votes

ShadowScape is based of 317 with OSRS content built for the players by the players! Here at shadowscape we thrive of what the players want, we are a fresh server in BETA mode Full raids 1&2 with TOA almost finished Heaps of Minigames Full Inferno...

40 Votes

Runique *Vote mystery box for every ::claimvote* Join Runique today to begin your journey along with an influx of new players adding to an already solid community! Join our community Discord with over 300 MEMBERS! What makes Runique Special?...

35 Votes

RSPS with raids 1 and 2, bosses, skilling tasks, all slayer helms, semi custom, no OP gear, TOA items, custom raid, all skills, gambling

34 Votes

Known as the best ECOPvMPvP server ever made - Lots of Mini-Games - Online 247 - Vote Rewards - No Lag - Friendly Staff - Fastest Support - Professional Developers - Come and find out yourself Balanced PvP, PvM and Market - 12 Bosses - 110 Achievements -...

30 Votes

$1000+ Release Events - The BEST Combat System - Instant PvP - Active Wilderness & Events - Daily Tournaments with Prizes - Win $ or OSRS GP Rewarding Events - Ironman & Group Ironman - All Bosses & Raids 1/2 - Inferno with Practice Mode...

30 Votes

Instant PvP & Regular Game Modes - Inferno - Raids - Item Presets - 15+ Bosses - Ironman - Runelite Integrated Client - Item Preset - Daily OSRS GP PvP Tournaments - Duo Slayer - All Skills (Including Construction) - PLAY NOW!

30 Votes

2 Custom Raids ✔ 25 Bosses ✔ Tons of Custom Items ✔ Collectionist Game Mode ✔ Team Slayer ✔ 7 Donator Zones ✔ UNIQUE MINIGAMES ✔ Daily Tasks ✔ Weekly Updates ✔ Donator Ranks ✔Reward List ✔ Item List ✔ Collection Log ✔ Player Progression Rewards ✔

30 Votes

http://perfectrsps.com Active Youtubers! - Voting boss - Vote4Donator - Fixed PvP - Super Unique Pet Perks - Pet Storage - So Many Bosses (NEW ONES: Solak, The Nightmare, Almighty Josh, Angel of Death, Skotizo, Void Knight Champion) - Custom...

30 Votes

Dragonstone is a new custom server with great content for you to enjoy. With different game modes available to play social and stand alone players all have a place in our servers. We have Group Ironman as well as ToB and the Gauntlet 100% matching OSRS!...

30 Votes

Scam-Safe Gambling, Raids Bosses, Inferno Boss, Perfected combat system, 30 Bosses, Pets, POS, DropTables, Iron Man Modes, Pre-Eoc and Osrs, Frequently Updated, Jammed with content.

30 Votes

we are relaunching on 1st of december 2021 join the discord for updates Welcome to WildyPK a OSRS Spawn and Pking Server  Bosses:  The nightmare, Alchemical Hydra, Vorkath, Cerberus, Zulrah, Godwars, Corporeal Beast, Custom Abomination boss , Custom...

30 Votes

We have tons to offer! Log on to either our Economy server, or our Dead Man Mode server today! Custom raids, custom minigames, custom maps, construction, tasteful custom items, unique and custom skilling system.

30 Votes

RuneLite - Nightmare - Inferno - Tournaments - Full Raids - Zulrah - Wintertodt - Full Construction - Few HQ Customs - Custom Home

30 Votes

Welcome to Rune Divinity Rune Divinity started out as just a server for friends but now I have the passion to develop and be able to entertain as many people as possible. Rune Divinity is a 718/742 RSPS focusing on keeping the feeling of 2012 RuneScape...

30 Votes

Abyss is recently released custom server with alot of things to do and so much to offer! From custom bossing to custom minigames. We are always open for suggestions and do daily updates for our community! We try as much as possible to keep everyone...

30 Votes

PvP Tournaments | Bounty Hunter | PK Incentive | Revenants | PvP Equipment | Custom RuneLite | Clan Wars | | Perfect Boss Mechanics | Grand Exchange and Player Shops | Raids | Inferno|Flower poker|and much more!

30 Votes

Lolscape.net | No P2W | Chambers of Xeric, Vorkath, Zulrah and more | Multiple XP choices | Hardcore/Regular Ironman | All Skills

30 Votes

Insanity Realm is a custom 317 PS! We're here for the long haul to bring you the content and progression you've always wanted to see.

30 Votes

What we offer to our Community! - Receive a Leather Whip, and Basic Slayer helmet on start! (Requires Slayer Kills, and Total Level to Upgrade) - Choose to play as a Elite Mode with lots of benefits! - Skilling raw items are all stackable! No time waste...

30 Votes

Hello we are Skotos , we are a PVP server focusing on PVP PVM Gambling We have : - Item upgrade system with over 40+ upgradable items. - Full Chambers Of Xeric - Custom raids with custom rewards - Insant PVP - Custom Boss maps - Corrupted Hunleff...

30 Votes

Revolution was shut down however SYNDICATE RSPS is taking revolutions place, so if you'd like to continue your revolution head over there by joining the discord https://discord.gg/p4PTgCFWuu or going to http://syndicate-rsps.com/ Everything from...

30 Votes

A very unique server that is mainly focused on a overall new experience. A never seen before rsps overhaul, advanced graphical art, new skillnames, AFK FRIENDLY, stacking resources, interactive staff, .... More advertisement isnt really necessary, u...

30 Votes

$4000 GIVEAWAY WIN [3080 RTX | PS5 | Xbox S & X | IPhone 14 & More!] | FREE $100 RANKS | Custom Content | Play to Win | Raids 1 & 2 | Nightmare | Wilderness Rework | Leagues | Gauntlet | Infernal | Coming Soon!

30 Votes

Join our Pre2023 BETA Today, and get a taste of what we're talking about! In the world of Exilium, we will provide: -An entirely new combat experience to RSPS, favoring the AFK factors in everything. -Skill mats STACK! Our aim is to create a mostly...

30 Votes

Beta access coming soon! We will build around the community. You guys decide which content will be added or not. The community means a lot to us.

30 Votes

Onyxia | 718/724 Server WE ARE WITH THE SERVER IN BETA, IF YOU WANT TO TEST THE GAME PLEASE FEEL FREE. 40+ Achievements | Custom Raids | Various gamemodes | 2010/2012 Graphics 23+Skills Easy, Medium and Hard XP mode pet perks Profession custom maps 120...

30 Votes

​Skulled players can be attacked by multiple players at the same time Non skulled players can only be attacked by one person None skulled players keep 3 items on death 4 with protect item Skulled players drop all item on death except for 1 with protect...

30 Votes

Welcome to StakeScape! Stakescape is an Oldschool Runescape Private Server focused on all different types of content: PvM / PvP / Collection logging / Skilling / Gambling! StakeScape is as modern as the day, boasting RuneLite / OpenOSRS support with many...

28 Votes

"Ikadia is a 718 Loading OSRS data & 685 models dedicated to providing a fun mix between RS2 and OSRS. Ikadia will be a server driven by community input using content polls to determine the scope of content and game play. We have learned a lot...

27 Votes

Hello we are Skotos , we are a PVP - ECO server that allows RSGP trading between players YES we allow players to trade RSGP ``` SkotosPK is a new PVP Yet Economy Friendly RSPS, The Server is Yet to release as it's currently in development, our...

27 Votes

A unique 718 rsps loading OSRS and RS3 data. Custom content, and the best content from other eras all combined for the perfect user experience... JOIN US GIVE US A LOOK :) Website: https://historiarsps.com Client Jar Download:...

25 Votes

FuryPS 317 base brand new rsps with the most osrs content. we have got full TOB/Raids/Daily Task System/Pvm Point System/Slayer Pets/Custom Barrows Pets & Much more...

25 Votes

Nightmare - A truly UNIQUE custom adventure || NIGHTMARE317 - BEST Custom RSPS of 2020 and beyond! || CUSTOMS MADE BY OWNER! || More than 2000 unique items added already! || Top Donor & Voter contest every Month! || Constant Development - New...

24 Votes