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Runescape Top 100 List

Rank Server Votes

Tarn Server V2 Reimagined Come join the new custom experience! Scaled custom instances, custom trading post, custom raids, custom bosses, the first server with Slot Perks, custom item enhancements, forge, collections, custom pets, hardened combat and...

136 Votes

ShadowScape is based of 317 with OSRS content built for the players by the players! Here at shadowscape we thrive of what the players want, we are a fresh server in BETA mode Full raids 1&2 with TOA almost finished Heaps of Minigames Full Inferno...

136 Votes

Beta access coming soon! We will build around the community. You guys decide which content will be added or not. The community means a lot to us.

136 Votes

2006SCAPE CLIENT DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rsm6lqojpp0d506/NextProjectClient-ended.rar/file dedicated server with PF Win Real Life Money! 1st 100$  2nd 75$  3rd 50$   MAXING YOUR ACCOUNT. ...

136 Votes

Onyxia | 718/724 Server WE ARE WITH THE SERVER IN BETA, IF YOU WANT TO TEST THE GAME PLEASE FEEL FREE. 40+ Achievements | Custom Raids | Various gamemodes | 2010/2012 Graphics 23+Skills Easy, Medium and Hard XP mode pet perks Profession custom maps 120...

136 Votes

AuroraVista V2 is in a live beta phase Custom & Economy together in the same server! Select a game mode to decide how you want to play that character! Updates are posted in discord. Join and play today!

136 Votes

​Skulled players can be attacked by multiple players at the same time Non skulled players can only be attacked by one person None skulled players keep 3 items on death 4 with protect item Skulled players drop all item on death except for 1 with protect...

136 Votes

Voidscape RSPS is back with a fully new unique style. Much more customs and much more fun! 25+ BOSSES

136 Votes

Revelation 317 Semi Custom, bank placeholders, Ironman modes, customa, etc, so much I can't type it all! Check us out!

124 Votes

Janus debuted in 2020. Since then, we've made some insane improvements! 70% of the source code has been re-written into Kotlin, preparing Ruse for the future. We strongly believe in staying loyal to the OSRS style of gameplay, however, we are...

98 Votes

Join us today and be one of the first to try out our unique custom tailored runescape private server experience. There will be many giveaways to enter, especially for the next week or so, so be sure to check our discord and forums to find out more...

98 Votes

**Welcome to RuneMetric RSPS!** **Releasing 17/06/2024 at 1 PM GMT** Get ready for the grand release of RuneMetric, a premier OSRS Eco Server, launching on 17/06/2024 at 1 PM GMT. Our server boasts a well-balanced economy with a good item drop rate and...

OSRS Economy Gambling Ironman PvM PvP RuneLite
90 Votes

Use ::refer arrav to claim your rewards! Arrav offers the most Custom thrilling content that you will find in any Runescape Private Server and that is why players stay at Arrav = Active Community - Perfect Gambling - Friendly Staff - Flower Poker - Boss...

79 Votes

Active PvP All trainable skills Grand exchange Iron man mode Spawning mode First person mode Game points send items to bank, place dwarf multicannon anywhere, increase chance of getting drops, etc Stealing creation Dungeoneering Construction ...

75 Votes

Welcome to Neox! We are an economy-style current OSRS revision project built by a passionate, highly experienced team. With our broad range of content and hand-crafted task and achievement system, which currently features over 1,000+ unique tasks and...

73 Votes

Zotax is a 317 semi-custom osrs, community-based server, and is updated frequently based off of player feedback. The Discord is growing into a lively and helpful group of people, including staff who are around to listen to any questions or concerns you...

66 Votes

We are the newest, freshest, and best Custom RSPS for you to play and enjoy. We got the most active PvM updates, and A HUGE focus on PvM. If you have not tried a Custom, give Enchanta a TRY RIGHT NOW!

62 Votes


Pre-EOC Economy Gambling Ironman PvM PvP
57 Votes

EradicationX is now back, greater than ever with tons of new content addition! We've added custom Elite Slayer and even a Custom Raids! And of course... tons and tons more! Play today to experience the ultimate PRE-EOC feeling!

57 Votes

Safe automated Gambling - Tons of achievements - Trading post - Unique Features - Daily Tasks - Battle-Pass - Much more!

OSRS Pre-EOC EOC Custom Economy Gambling Ironman PvM PvP
52 Votes

Introducing The CErver - The Ultimate OSRS Experience! Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through Old School RuneScape? Look no further, for The CErver is here to provide you with the classic experience you've been searching...

48 Votes

The absolute greatest RSPS of all time. Be one of the first to play our badass Oldschool/317 RSPS and get ahead of the trend! We have done a complete overhaul on the entire economy to ensure long-term success! And remember, there are many giveaways this...

48 Votes

sanitarium is a new and fun osrs base rsps! with weekly updates! and daily events ! come in and join the fun!

OSRS Gambling Ironman PvM PvP
47 Votes

Welcome to Valor RSPS, where the spirit of adventure thrives and every corner of our vast world is teeming with excitement! Picture yourself immersed in a realm where every decision you make shapes your destiny and every encounter is an opportunity for...

40 Votes

RuneRealm is your one-stop-shop for everything RSPS! This server truly has it all. From traditional OSRS progression & gameplay to unique/custom raids, minigames, events, ideas and more! This server is a server that creates it's own Unique...

OSRS Pre-EOC Custom Economy Gambling PvP
37 Votes

Are you looking for the next top RSPS? Look no further as you have found your new home. Our server consists of some of the most up to date and fun content available. We have all OSRS bosses including Cerberus. Our unique Teleport Interface allows you to...

30 Votes

Calling all RSPS players tired of the same boring game-loop and bad communities. Are you struggling to find a good RSPS? You check the server list every week but every server has the same boring content and non existant or even worse, bad communities? if...

21 Votes

06-Scape offers a good amount of quality based oldschool content. You will come across PvMing, Skilling, Treasure trails, PKing, Hiscores to track player progressions and competitions! We are not perfect but we are forsure very passionate about this...

20 Votes

Dear adventurers, Get ready to redefine your RuneScape experience with the upcoming launch of OSBY on January 25, 2024! OSBY is an RSPS aimed at keeping the core features of OSRS while introducing new ways to play the game we all love and enjoy, with...

14 Votes

A Great home for all your PVM and PK needs. RuneRelic has Daily events PK events and Boss masses which helps bring the community together and allows you to meet new friends in the Realm of RuneRelic!

10 Votes

5M OSRS GP reward every 24 hours of gameplay! | Automatic OSRS redeeming! Real Texas Hold'em with OSRS gambling support! | OSRS Trading | CoX | ToB | Zulrah | Nex | Nightmare | Daily PK Tournaments | Duo Slayer | 4 Weekly Drop Parties | HP Events |...

7 Votes

RuneShores The Brand New Rsps Apr 2024! Introducing RuneShores, where the spirit of Old School RuneScape comes alive with a perfect blend of Semi-Fast XP Rates and an exhilarating 3x Enhanced Drop Rate, making every loot feel truly worthwhile. At...

7 Votes

New RSPS - 250+ online! Pre-EoC/OSRS Mix with unique content! $2000+ in launch competitions

5 Votes

Welcome to GodScape, the ultimate Runescape server for players who want to experience the game like never before! If you're tired of the same old Runescape servers, then GodScape is the perfect choice for you. With its unique gameplay, exciting...

4 Votes

Full HD Custom - Tier Progression for F2P grind - Soul System - Essence Shop - Raids - Community driven

4 Votes