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Runescape Top 100 List

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Take the challenge. Change your life.

What are you waiting for? Do not waste your time with the boring servers! Just the most unique server in HD with weekly updates! Join now and get a FREE $100 BOX FREE! Do ::ref rspslist


Come and play our flawless upcoming RSPS, featuring breathtaking custom models, 100% UNIQUE to Azerite. Or play one of our 4 fully functional custom raids, never before seen on any other RSPS. Azerite is the definition of RSPS perfection! Try it now!

18 Votes

Runeline is a rsps community and rsps check it out loads of content

13 Votes

Inferno - CoX - ToB - Hydra - Tekton - Warmonger - Zulrah - Vorkath - Wildywyrm - Galvek - Weekly Events - Vote4Rewards and so much more! See you in game.

13 Votes

Ferox is a PK server that has just launched! We've put in 2 and a half years of development! We are purely based on the PKing aspect of the game. However we also provide every skill trainable and bosses and slayer monsters to slay. Come and Play...

12 Votes

Join the best upcoming 317 custom rsps now! https://prismal317.com

10 Votes

Description coming soon. I will fill this information out very shortly. All info here: https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs-503-client-server/advertise/697167-neos-718-brand-new-all-25-skills-countless-hours-content-uim-osrs.html

10 Votes

Augury is a brand new RSPS, that aims to target most of the content provided by OSRS. Including Functional Skilling, Bossing, Player Killing, Minigames and much more. Pushing updates regularly and keeping the gameplay as smooth as possible is our main...

9 Votes

★★ 2006 Oldschool • • Pure & no nonsense • • x5-x10 XP rates • • All 06 Skills work • • Grand Exchange • • Quests • • Community driven • • Weekly Events • • Vote 4 Reward • • Brand new server • • All 06 Bosses • • Great Economy ★★

8 Votes

Are you looking for the next top RSPS? Look no further as you have found your new home. Our server consists of some of the most up to date and fun content available. We have all OSRS bosses including Cerberus. Our unique Teleport Interface allows you to...

7 Votes

- Receive a Leather Whip, and Basic Slayer helmet on start! (Requires Slayer Kills, and Total Level to Upgrade) - Choose to play as a Elite Mode with lots of benefits! - Skilling raw items are all stackable! No time waste banking! - Global Bosses that...

7 Votes

awesome new rsps with tons of customs and npcs, goku, vegeta, vader etc. download our jar below play now here!!! https://dl.dropbox.com/s/obcrljjhqh2p... Discord chat here!!!! https://discord.gg/nKDqxHj

7 Votes

This isn't your typical RSPS. This custom server is starting to make a name for itself by standing out from the rest. Read more on how & why this is. Golden Ticket Event - free donator prizes | Custom Skilling & AFK Island | Weekly Updates...

6 Votes

Unique-Ps I Lots of customs I Lots of bosses I Active playerbase I Friendly staff I We are updating weekly and adding amazing content Join us at http://unique-ps.com/forums/ I hope to see you ingame!

6 Votes

We are a brand new rsps, loads to offer from our unique customs or to our, Birdhouses, farming guild or even our wilderness slayer! Come check us out! next big rsps

5 Votes

Looking for that special server? Welp stop by and stop searching worst case you really enjoy your self.

5 Votes

AsteriaPS offers the most thrilling content that you will find in any Runescape Private Server and that is why players stay at Asteria X and love us - Loads of content - Bossing - PvP - Mini-games - Active Staff - Daily GiveawaysTourneys - Server...

4 Votes

[Pre-Eoc/Osrs] Gambling | PVP & PVM | Raids | Great Olm | Daily Tasks | POS | Osrs Bosses | Raids 1 & 2 | Treasure Island | All Minigames | Wildy Boss Events | Duo Slayer | FFA Events | Inferno | Shooting Stars & Evil Trees |

3 Votes

Impulse | Active 317 | | 30+ Bosses | | 25 skills | | Unique Pet System with custom slayer pets | | Hydra's | | Chambers of Xeric | | Custom Skilling and Donator Zones | | Advanced Hiscores | | Professional and Active Staff | | 4 Game Modes | |...

3 Votes

Today, we will start off the anniversary by having giveaways and hosting various events in-game and on discord! Starting on Saturday 3pm SVT, all weekend until Monday 11pm SVT, August 7th, 2021 marks exactly 10 years that Heroes WoW has been around. We...

2 Votes

Project Dream 748 is a highly advanced, well-established Runescape Private Server. Online 247 hosted on a powerful dedicated server, Project Dream a busy and friendly community, with hundreds of players, many of whom use our active forums for help and...

2 Votes

We are here since 2013 , we provide for you 2 servers in the same time not only one , you can enjoy playing our classic community with full working features and in the same time you can also play our custom server which have more than 8000+ Custom...

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1 Votes

LoyaltyScape Active 317 30 Bosses 25 skills Unique Pet System Prisoners Last Man Standing Custom Skilling and Donator Zones Advanced Hiscores Professional and Active Staff 4 Game Modes 4 Difficulties Custom Items OSRSRS2...

1 Votes

Dragon/Barrows Smithing | Duo-Ironman | Custom Raids | 7 Game Modes | 100+ Pets | 45+ Bosses | 140+ Achievements | 10+ Minigames | Collection Log | Prestige And Skillcape Benefits | Free-For-All & Pest Control Bots | Drop Simulator

1 Votes

Darkan is a 727 server targeted at entirely emulating how RS was during 2012, but optionally with some quality of life changes and nerfs to overpowered content as seen fit by both the players and developers. I will not accept any payments in return for...

1 Votes

There is no spawning and any items people obtain will have been earned through PVM or from PKing. This means our items will have value, making everything more fun, giving players something to aim for and of course making it so much better when you...

1 Votes

DarkScape is a massive world based off of the year 2006 of RS, and this is not your ordinary scape alike. This is a complete blood bath Deadman Mode style world with our unique never seen Blood money system. Now where's the fun if it's not an...

1 Votes

With, amazing pvp and pvm events and rewards, tons of minigames, gambling zones, Custom items. Scapeplay with its amazing combat system is the best place to practice osrs boss fights, pvp and minigames, with a unique game experiance!

1 Votes

Welcome to TreeScape RSPS! We are a 317 revision based server and are currently in the alpha stages of development. We currently have the Fishing Guild, and Slayer is coming soon. Come and join us in-game!

1 Votes

Semi custom server with pking pvm skilling raids inferno gauntlet tob nightmare an so much more join today

1 Votes

!COMING SOON! Lunaria is an RSPS Designed and built from the ground up with the support and feedback of the community! If you're looking for an RSPS that will be developed entirely upon the communities feedback and suggestions! !JOIN NOW!...

1 Votes
137 LunaPS

Brand New Custom Server! - Tons Of Tier Bosses - Elite Bosses - World Boss! - Upgradable Items! - And Much More! -Join Us Now For A Free Collectors Necklace!

1 Votes

Xios is a brand new server offering a close knit community, frequent updates, and lots of content for anyone to discover. Start your adventure today! http://xiosrsps.com/

1 Votes

Known as the best ECOPvMPvP server ever made - Lots of Mini-Games - Online 247 - Vote Rewards - No Lag - Friendly Staff - Fastest Support - Professional Developers - Come and find out yourself Balanced PvP, PvM and Market - 12 Bosses - 110 Achievements -...

0 Votes

Who hasnt heard of Runique Weve been around for so long and have such a history in the RSPS scene For those unfamiliar with Runique, not to worry, we will get to that - BUT first things first The links Homepage httpruniqueps.com Download...

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