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Runescape Top 100 List

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Dreamscape is the longest-lasting Runescape custom server with an active forum and discord, 13 Functional Raids & 40 Bosses to kill with constant updates being worked on to better the gaming experience for you! Join now to get 5 FREE BOXES!


Brand new semi custom osrs rsps come check us out! Active bonus xp areas with bonus pvp events 24/7

16 Votes

Instant Pk - Spawn - Pvm - Skilling - Raids - Runelite client

16 Votes
108 Everrain OSRS - emulation of the highest calibre, we aim to deliver an enjoyable OSRS experience with extensive attention to detail. We have the upmost respect for the experience you get on OSRS, the next upcoming server you've not heard of yet!

If you haven't already, I strongly advise you to visit our project thread for Everrain. We are currently looking for some alpha testers; there are no immediate requirements for accessing our alpha so anyone can apply! The ideal candidate would be...

16 Votes

Welcome to Vengeance Private Server. We are a brand new 317 Pre-Eoc server with some RS2 features. The last few months have been a time for us to develop, come up with innovative ideas, and advertise for our release today (21st May 2020). VengeancePS is...

15 Votes

Greetings Adventure, The Phantom Queen on the battlefield. The crow that soars above the wreckage and ruin. The seeress, the warrior, the protector. She is both light and dark. Life and death. War and love. The Celtic Goddess of War. The...

15 Votes

One of the best servers have finally returned. After resolving legal issues, we have brought back the game hundreds once enjoyed. Enjoy the holidays with double donations!

14 Votes

Semi-Custom Runescape private server #rsps #runescape private server #rsps 2019 #oldschool #custom #317 #semi-custom #RSPS #economy #customs #2020

14 Votes

Project Decimate 317 returns ! server with over 30+ players Active PvM, Pking , Skilling , Mini-Games, New Drop Tables, OSRS Wilderness Bosses, Flower Poker, Staking! and much more, JOIN NOW.

12 Votes

BRAND NEW SERVER LAUNCH about to happen beta almost over is striving for uniqueness with numerous unique and useful customs, as well as quality content. Our goal is to become the #1 custom server out there, and the developing...

9 Votes

Dragonstone is a new custom server with great content for you to enjoy. With different game modes available to play social and stand alone players all have a place in our servers. We have Group Ironman as well as ToB and the Gauntlet 100% matching OSRS!...

8 Votes

Catalyst is a brand new custom runescape private server with a lot of custom content and features. We are currently not released yet, but we are planning to release very soon. Our ETA for a release date is June 1st. Our staff and development team are...

7 Votes

Caution Highly Addictive Lets PK is an OSRS emulation server initially released June 2017 and now returns January 2019 back and better than ever. It is ran by a team of highly talented experienced developers. The game emulates all the best content of...

4 Votes

Scam-Safe Gambling, Raids Bosses, Inferno Boss, Perfected combat system, 30 Bosses, Pets, POS, DropTables, Iron Man Modes, Pre-Eoc and Osrs, Frequently Updated, Jammed with content.

4 Votes

awesome new rsps with tons of customs and npcs, goku, vegeta, vader etc. download our jar below play now here!!! Discord chat here!!!!

4 Votes

Dragon/Barrows Smithing | Duo-Ironman | Custom Raids | 7 Game Modes | 100+ Pets | 45+ Bosses | 140+ Achievements | 10+ Minigames | Collection Log | Prestige And Skillcape Benefits | Free-For-All & Pest Control Bots | Drop Simulator

3 Votes


3 Votes

Are you looking for the next top RSPS? Look no further as you have found your new home. Our server consists of some of the most up to date and fun content available. We have all OSRS bosses including Cerberus. Our unique Teleport Interface allows you to...

3 Votes

A New Adventure Awaits - AutumnRS Welcome to a beautifully designed custom world that you will enjoy every minute exploring. Constant Development.

3 Votes

Eden is an OSRS server that focuses on the smallest details. Jam packed with features Inferno, Abyssal Sire, Lizardmans, Cerberus, Zulrah, Kraken, Scorpia, Callisto, Venenantis, Crazy Archeaologist, Corporeal Beast, Shooting Star, Potion Decanting,...

2 Votes

Welcome to the OS-war serverstatus page, well welcome you here and explain what this server is and why it is as good as we think it is. We have loads and loads of content for you to enjoy, but not only with casual content that every server has, but also...

2 Votes

- Top Features * First ever 718 loading RS3 revision private server * Frequent game and website updates * Stable economy + player based grand exchange * Master (120) capes * Full banks with tabs, searching, inserting, swapping * Bank Containers, reaching...

2 Votes

We listen to our players! you suggest we add! Come join us while you can! Alpha testing!

2 Votes
128 Make Tizen Great Again

A completely revamped TizenX. Login and PK! Enjoy the server with our active community and active wilderness! Join now, visit and play for free!

2 Votes

Brand new economy based server with loads of custom content added! Looking for staff! We offer you - Raids 1 (Great Olm) - Raids 2 (Theatre of Blood) - 25 Bosses - Custom minigames - Skilling - Full Alchemical Hydra - Galvek - Tekton - Inferno -...

2 Votes

Imagine is the best custom server in the business! We have full Raids 1 and Raids 2, among hundreds of other content that we offer all of our players! Check it out today!

1 Votes

Gondor-X is a Custom RSPS that will be celebrating ONE YEAR ONLINE on June 16, 2020! Gondor-X is owned by the RSPS YouTuber Wr3ckedYou , whose active YouTube channel keeps Gondor-X at 50-100 online players at any given time! With weekly content...

1 Votes
132 Asylum

-A brand new ECO/PVP/PVM server in development since 2019. In honor of Ardougne -Player owned shops! -Lots of bosses -Scythe of Viture, Vestas, Statius, PVP Armours, Primal, And lots more! -24/7 up-time -looking to build a community -Daily updates and...

1 Votes

Ikov has returned to bring back the community and flawless gameplay that you all enjoyed! Oh and... ALL RANKS ARE REFUNDED! So what are you waiting for?! Come and joint the #1 server today and enjoy the flawless pre-EoC Runescape private server today...

1 Votes

Welcome to Runecessor! OSRS! NEW! A Server for the players, by the players! ★ Active community ★ Weekly updates ★ Skilling ★ Bossing ★ Minigames ★ Customs ★ Pets ★ Challenging Economy ★ Hiscores ★ FREE Donator Boxes Upon Joining ★ Some Staff Needed

1 Votes

Welcome to Rune Divinity Rune Divinity started out as just a server for friends but now I have the passion to develop and be able to entertain as many people as possible. Rune Divinity is a 718/742 RSPS focusing on keeping the feeling of 2012 RuneScape...

1 Votes

Use code ::refer Cruelty for a free ULTRA MYSTERY BOX! BraveScape Beta --- Old School 317 - CUSTOM SKILLING MINIGAME - RAIDS - FRIEND REFERRAL SYSTEM - WILDY PK - DUEL ARENA STAKING - MUCH MORE --- Tons of unique features such as a unique raiding...

1 Votes

Online now. Friendly and helpful staff - Online 247 - Game difficulties Easy, intermediate, hard, ultimate - Ironman - Ultimate Ironman - Minigames Barrows, Clan Wars, Duel Arena, Fight Caves - Voting Shop - Voting rewards- Achievements - Prestige...

1 Votes
138 Slashscape BETA [Since '08] ♦ The one and only true Slashscape has returned! The original Slashscape has existed for over 7 years and has now been developed again better than ever before. Join us now for an unforgettable unique experience!

1 Votes

The Best Pre-EOC private, semi custom server you'll ever need! A classic favorite with content you will be sure to get excited over! We got raids! Multiple bosses, custom content that has been suggested by the servers own community! We listen to...

1 Votes

PVMING/SKILLING + TOURNAMENTS ~ Raids 2 very soon added - Lot MORE!!

1 Votes