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Runescape Top 100 List

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DreamscapeRSPS - Biggest Custom Private Server

Bi-Weekly Updates|Daily Discord Events|AK47,Minigun & Bazookas|Diablo & Voldemort Boss|PubG Minigame|Roullete & BlackJack Table|#1 Gambling| |Revamped Custom Slayer|Unique Custom Bosses|10+ Types of Mystery Boxes|Lottery Scratch Cards


JustChilling 24/7 150 + players

All working perfectly special attacks , bosses , minigames + many cool custom items + cheap donations :D enjoy :)

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Torva - Best content packed 718

This is a new 718 Server, We have a decent development team, which are 100 good at coding JAVA and we have got good website developers, we are currently going to do many videos on youtube, and do many good updates to make the Players Proud, and also We...

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Conquest 718

Perfect Squeal Of Fortune Nex Godwars Tormented Demons Vorago Way More Ascensions Seismics Rots Shields Drygores Double Damage on Glacors with fire spells Great XP rates Rewritten Slayershop Working on a great voting system Everyday i will...

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Vengeful has been in non-stop development for the past few months, with a goal of surpassing all New servers and claiming the 1 spot. Combined with the skills of a remarkable developer, community suggestions and a well planned budget to spend on...

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A server looking for staff and coders if interested please contact us. We are the most stable server with unique stuffs

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Link1 if link 1 doesnt work try link 2 httpwww.mediafire.comfileny5dyu395lmsy2iOs-Zyzia.jar link2 httpswww.dropbox.comssha6bgydh4xtx4oOs-Zyzia.jardl0 Hello, Os-realityPVP has recently been down for some major revamps to the server. We have spent our...

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Aspects: PvM: Several bosses, mini bosses that are properly implemented, and unique to Resolute Skills: We wanted our skills to have an impact on the economy. Skillers can expect to make money by doing higher end skilling. We feel that this is a very...

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Vindicta - OSRS - Raids12 -PVMPK

Join our heartwarming and continually growing community today We have an active and balanced economy thanks to a fully working Grand Exchange. With a lot of PKing activity in our wilderness and a start- and go policy, we get you into the wilderness as...

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CronusPS 498 - Dedicated - 100% Uptime

CronusPS 498 Dedicated and Stable RuneScape Private Server. with Friendly Staff.Great community join now!

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GalaxyPK-317-Best Pking out

Features PKING Were very proud of our Pking Being rich on GalaxyPK is definitely a challenge, but we believe in you VARIETY We have a large variety of weapons from osrs for players to pk with

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Brand new RSPS MauScape Geat content, Much bosses, Customs, And all working skills.

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Mortyria New rsps 2018 Need stafff

Welcome to Mortyria, OSRS this is unique as it can be AhoyPK, SpawnPK and two others have used this new Source as a base, were going to be the first in RsPs history to convert this source into a EcoPk, this will involve a lot of work on highly demanded...

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hi all this is a brand new server with alot of features added, its running on a 24/7 vps so come on it and join the crew dodian-scape.no-ip.biz

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- Great staff team and community - Wilderness starts at level 10 - 100 working flower gambling - PvM - Many bosses in wilderness and some in safezones - Barrows minigame in wilderness - Flawless Switching - Preset Spawns and custom spawns - Active Forums...

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Revised Dodian

So today I give to you a start of a new project into the Dodian world, right now it's just a pure Dodian server but here after a month or so depending if I can get some testers and people to join this will be a full Dodian recreation but enlarged on...

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Welcome to a Brand New 667 RSPS Named LynxPK667. On Here We Have Many Customs To Make Our Server Have a Unique feel to the game. Come Join Now!!

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Qwertyscape Legacy

[img]http://i.imgur.com/wTbmNzM.png[/img]Owner is Qwerty159063 Download client here [URL="http://qwertyscape1.weebly.com/download.html"]Download Client Here![/URL] Join the forums with community shoutbox here :)...

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Snowscape - 1000 Customs - Open 24,7 - 15 Players Online

Snowscape.net has trusted staff and loyal players, Were open 24.7 so you can enjoy the 1000 customs and never get bored Tons of updates coming soon.

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UponDarks | NEW SERVER | Grand Exchange | 718+ | The Darkness Awaits you!

UponDarks | NEW SERVER | Grand Exchange | 718+ | The Darkness Awaits you!

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1420 Visionary - Envision a Future Beyond Greatness

Visionary - Envision a Future Beyond Greatness

We are an Oldschool Server that is bringing back newer items slowly at a time to help bring in new content. The main game experience in Visionary is player killing because I feel like that is the biggest reason why people play servers and which is what...

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Brand new 667 RSPS up 24/7. New player based economy with tons of customs! Since this is a Brand New Server I thought this event would bring us more players and grow the community! This even it targeted to you talented video makers! The video must be...

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Elysium-Glory, 317, Join Today!

Dclaws, Choatics, 317, Osrs, Duel arena, Bosses, 21 skill, 10+ Bosses, Korasi, Spirit Shields, Tent whip, Join Today For Alot more!

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Soul Kingdom

Lots of Mini-Games - Online 247 - Working Zulrah pet Vote Rewards - No Lag - Friendly Staff - Fastest Support - Professional Developers - Come and find out yourself Balanced PvP, PvM and Market - 12 Bosses 317 Loading 503 Working bounty hunter PKP...

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OSRS Based rsps with almost full raids and almost full inferno, all up to date content, constant updates and dedicated team

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Ateji Scape

Welcome to AtejiScape an rsps that has been around for years. Started in 2009 with a 317 server worked all the way to 400 players+ , Sadly after college starting up again and my busy life AtejiScape had to close its doors. But no less then a year later ....

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Barrows 718/Customs - The number 1 and ONLY Custom 718 Server

ABOUT THE SERVER NEW TO THE SERVER? Barrows is a PvE server with great economy, tons of players, and plenty of content to keep you entertained. If you're new to Barrows, we recommend watching our spotlight video to see what we're about and to...

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Exilium 317

Tired of Private Servers with inactive owners, and low amounts of updates? Come and play Exilium! Exilium is a single person project aiming to change the views of RSPS 317's, and give a different feel to the gameplay as you play through. Exilium...

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-Brand new RSPS! -Friendly Staff! -PKing! -Skilling! -x500 XP Bonus! (Optional) -Bosses! -677 revision!

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A Allgofree game whit Nice Places whit nice commands and more to see it Now

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Equinox - Begin your adventure now

Equinox is a new 317 RSPS that has just come out of beta stage. Weve gone official and are now looking to grow our ranks and find some fun players for our community Are you ready to delve into an adventure filled with content and a thrilling playerbase...

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Our main goal is to dominate the OSRS scene with your help We focus on providing content requested from the players. If you havent played OSRS and want to see what all the hype was about, you better give us a shot. Our focus is to give you nothing but...

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the new rsps Elite-X is looking for players all 25 skills work we have alot of bosses and a special donator boss that drops drycore!! max cape works+ emote!! and much and much more!!!

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ViciousPkz is a new server with a great eco. We are currently looking for staff so pm in-game if you are interested. Doing many giveaways and hosting x2 exp every weekend.

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DeltaScape - Giveaways - Gambling - PVP

Use command "!client" in the discord general chat to get a client link. -Referalls -PVP -PVM -Gambling -Discord Market

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GiftScape - Best Rsps Ever Made

Join today We are a brand new rsps and are in need of active players. Come on and join the fun today at giftscape

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