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Runescape Top 100 List

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DreamscapeRSPS - Biggest Custom Private Server

Bi-Weekly Updates|Daily Discord Events|AK47,Minigun & Bazookas|Diablo & Voldemort Boss|PubG Minigame|Roullete & BlackJack Table|#1 Gambling| |Revamped Custom Slayer|Unique Custom Bosses|10+ Types of Mystery Boxes|Lottery Scratch Cards


GiftScape - Best Rsps Ever Made

Join today We are a brand new rsps and are in need of active players. Come on and join the fun today at giftscape

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Oblivion is a new economy server in the early stage. We are looking for loyal players and hopefully some strong new members to join me on the staff team. Have you ever wanted to be the richest, most popular, top skiller and just overall envied player...

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TormentedRs Inferno, Raids, Fun Server, Customs

Welcome to TormentedRs We have inferno, all major OSRS bosses, raids. Active staff, active dev, newly launched server looking for a friendly player base. Come and join us!

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Salancia Upgraded || Drygores || FullScreen || Minigames || Custom Items

Salancia UPGRADED is the new version of the popular server, Salancia, which peaked at achieving 100 players online at once! The server is packed full of content, and there are a moderate amount of customs to help keep the game engaging and vibrant. ...

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Desolution - RSPS

317 Custom over 100 custom items over 50 custom npcs currently 3 custom minigames2 being worked on Bank Vault Custom Gambling Deathmatch WeaponGame Amazing donating and voting benefits fully working hiscores 3 different mystery boxes Lottery,...

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Fx Remastered (FreedomX)

Fx Remastered is the renewed version of an old fan favorite: FreedomX The server stays the steam and has once again the same development team, but now has much more content to keep you going for a long time. For example, we now have: More Bosses, Boss...

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Ascend-PS - New Server - 317 need staff

Beta Release Ascend-PS Welcome to your future, Head to the site to read more, Youll be quite impressed in our prestigious updates and great economy. new rsps 2018 need staff

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1443 Nova Excision 718742

Nova Excision 718742

Nova Excision is a prime example of a perfect 718 revision With an active staff team and daily updates, Nova offers an amazing RSPS experience As we work on building our server, we have STAFF POSITIONS UP FOR GRABS What are you waiting for Come PLAY

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Demonscape v3

DemonScape is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best PvP and PvM experience around. Our team is dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features and support for the players. Active...

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Divine - The Greatest RSPS Adventure

httpdivineps.comforum Our main goal is to dominate the RSPS scene with your help We focus on providing content requested from the players. We write everything ourselves which gives us a unique feel compared to other servers.

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[center][img] http://i.gyazo.com/85cfd4a51a7483e3c0c43047921f45ea.gif [/img] Download link: [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/3k304du104bveme/Mesmerize%20742.jar?dl=1[/url] Website: [url]bit.ly/1EJJpBl[/url] [size=12pt]Introducing[i]Mesermerize[/i]; We...

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Looking for something to do and something that you will like join us today as we listen too our community and add unique features just for them

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Forthility - Extreme Content, Revolutionary Gameplay, The best New RSPS!

INTRODUCTION Get ready for the most extreme Runescape private server on the market. Forthility offers all 25 skills, active pking, active pvm, unique minigames, 100% stability combined with staff professionalism, unique interfaces, and beautiful game...

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RuneUltra.com - ECOPvM - NEW - NEED STAFF

Brand new RSPS, need staff 20 online, Christmas Mboxes, PVM, IPB Active Forums, Active Discord, Christmas Event, Music Channel, Double Donations - EnglishSwedishDanishSpanishArabic languages supported

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PettyPS - Beta Stage

Hourly Rewards, Custom Barrows, Custom Items, Prestige System, Dicing and Staking, Loyalty Titles, Great Community, 10 Bosses including OSRS Bosses, Economy and Pking, 3 Game Modes including Iron Man, 100 Achievements, HD Features, and more

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1451 Eternal Gaming Community

Eternal Gaming Community

Welcome to Eternal Gaming Community Our Aim is to build a server around the players desires, listening to all your suggestions and coding accordingly The Server is 247 VPS hosted with 0 Lag, hacks or dupes, Tons of achievements, Bosses, Prestige System,...

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Spectral scape

regular 718 eco rsps with korasi questline and many working bosses/minigames great staff & community. tell em Camel toes sent ya :)

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We are a 24/7 server With: Bosses- PK - Pvm - Good Eco - Good Drop Rates - Fast XP - Good Cummunity - Online Staff's - And much more!

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Destiny Reborn

This server is great, I hope everyone comes and plays, its fast to get started, great pvming to build a good bank, helpful staff, and good pking. Come play! *Working Zulrah with all good drops *Working Zulrah Weapons *Working Barrows *Working GWD *Max...

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Brand New Server|| Tons of Customs || Epic PVM || Dicing || Auto Vote/Donation || Great Community

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amazing brand new 07 server loads of custom content looking for staff easy to get pkp points and items many different ways to make money for mains and skillers

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UndoneX features: Npc Teleport system Custom Barrows FTP Quests Friendly Staff Tutorial island [IMG]http://i722.photobucket.com/albums/ww222/Wills_Shelly/tut%20island_zpsjtluyf2k.png[/IMG] Slayer ...

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hello to Stallation! pre-eco server! content packet! raids 1&2 hydra vorkath other bosses minigames all skills working custom items

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DraonsPlayground 317613

317 server running higher revision gfx fun server awesome bosses daily coding new content best server

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VENTALITY - START YOUR ADVENTURE! / Wildy Bosses / Achievements + More

Ventality is a project based off of Oldschool RuneScape. Our goal is to have a content packed server, where quality is our #2 priority. Our players being #1!

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A new Runescape Private Server with an Active, Growing Community

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Hunger Games RSPS

aligncenterIMGhttpi57.tinypic.comvo35s6.pngIMG URLhttpswww.dropbox.comsxxiqthg0wx7krtiCLIENT.jardl0BSIZE4DownloadBSIZEURL URLeco-pkscapes.webs.comBSIZE4WebsiteBSIZEURL sizelargebRuneScape Hunger Games is a minigame server where you obtain weapons...

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Beta 20Angels OSRS Need staff

Made by players Beta title Houses 20 bosses Free Membership for beta players Free Beta rewards Pets Nice stores Flawless combat No dupes All skills working OSRS Godwars 9 minigames Alot of train zones Custom interfaces Daily updates And...

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Welcome to VenomX718 This is a new preeoc server with fair xp rates, balanced economy and a lot of pvm to do. We are working on our own content and are ready to make a lot of changes for our players I will hope to see you all there

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Ascend-PS.net Fast growing Best PvM Need Staff

Ascend-PS is one of the most fast growing RSPS around, having only been open for less then a week, we have already reached a playerbase of around 50. And are rising every single day. We offer a large amount of content, from minigames, to PvM, to PvP, to...

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Fortis || Traditional and Survival!

Fortus Scape is the leading Runescape Private server out there! Join now and check all our unique features!

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www.ateria-rsps.com Join Ateria! Best server ever! Double XP & Drop rate A brand new 718/742 server that you should not miss out on! 20+ bosses, alot of minigames and other things too! Drygores drops, Wildywyrms, QBD, sunfreet bosses and many more!...

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Classicscape is an old-school private server based off of Blurrs & Planet Pk. Come join today!

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Xyle 1 OSRS Emulation Abyssal sire PK District

Xyle Your 1 OSRS Based Economy Server Achievement Diaries Abyssal Sire PK District Cerberus Osrs bounty hunter Iron man Ultimate Iron Man Zulrahj Great Economy

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FallenOS OSRS 121 PvP and ECO RSPS

FallenOS is an rsps designed to make all players happy We are PvP oriented but have many Economy aspects

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