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Runescape Top 100 List

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DreamScape - Win PC, IPAD & More! PUBG MINIGAME

Bi-Weekly Updates|Daily Discord Events|AK47,Minigun & Bazookas|Diablo & Voldemort Boss|PubG Minigame|Roullete & BlackJack Table|#1 Gambling| |Revamped Custom Slayer|Unique Custom Bosses|10+ Types of Mystery Boxes|Lottery Scratch Cards



WisdomOsRs is a combination of the best OSRS content, taken to an extreme with all a flawless top tier RSPS can offer. Thousands of features await you and your friends. What are you waiting for PLAY NOW

2 Votes


We are working to develop What used to be Simplicity not owned by us we are using their package, To learn and put the practice to ToxicScape Please feel free to come and spectate how the development is going, We are not officially released but will be...

2 Votes


Ol Venha se Divertir Conosco no Mais novo Servidor BRASILEIRO de Runescape , Temos Bosses, Minigames , Todas Skills Funcionando e Muito Mais Venha fazer parte Dessa Mais Nova Comunidade Brasileira e Estrangeira

2 Votes

LegendScape Server

LegendScape is a private RuneScape server. No shop, no donation, and no P2W. Join us now! LegendScape is open beta. If you find any bugs or glitches please report it on our forum.

2 Votes

RuneUltra.com - ECOPvM - NEW - NEED STAFF

Brand new RSPS, need staff 20 online, Christmas Mboxes, PVM, IPB Active Forums, Active Discord, Christmas Event, Music Channel, Double Donations - EnglishSwedishDanishSpanishArabic languages supported

2 Votes

Spectral scape

regular 718 eco rsps with korasi questline and many working bosses/minigames great staff & community. tell em Camel toes sent ya :)

2 Votes


817 (RS3) / New! / Progressive! / Hiring! / 24/7! Are you looking for a new RS3 server and want to help me to set up a new community? Come to BombarScape then!

2 Votes

FuriousPk OSRS SPAWN Login Pk

Amazing Spawn Server - FuriousPk, Its as simple as the name suggests Here at FuriousPk the Number 1 Spawn Server you can be competing against 100s of our other members in one click Enjoy things such as custom sets that enable you to re-join the action...

1 Votes
149 EradicationX


Many Custom-Added Items into the game. The highest XP amount is 10B experience! All skills go up to 400M XP, and they come with capes Custom Bosses "Eradicator", "Maximum Gradum", "Extreme Boss", "Superboss",...

1 Votes

UltimateScape is Back With more content than ever

Ultimatescape has returned Minigames, Quests, Construction and so much more Amazing community ran by a very dedicated team of developers.

1 Votes

GadorX - The Pursuit of Perfectionism

Website : www.gadorx.com Donate : www.gadorx.com/donate Vote : www.gadorx.com/vote Forum : www.gadorx.com/forums Content : Wall safe crack minigame Milestones with comp capes with epic requierements Infinite money pouch Sonic Pikachu Squeal...

1 Votes


Emps-Remake is a runescape private server designed to provide a challenging but fun experience to its players. If you are looking for a server you can get 99s in a day on, this is the wrong server for you. If you are looking for a fun, stable, unique...

1 Votes
153 Project Dream 2018

Project Dream 2018

Project Dream 748 is a highly advanced, well-established Runescape Private Server. Online 247 hosted on a powerful dedicated server, Project Dream a busy and friendly community, with hundreds of players, many of whom use our active forums for help and...

1 Votes

RivalPS ll 700 Customs ll ECO ll Tons of Custom Content ll Custom Home

RivalPS is a custom economy RSPS, we have tons of unique flawless custom content to keep our players entertained. You can expect custom mini-games, scam proof gambling, custom quests, a lot of achievements, custom maps, unique teleportation, custom...

1 Votes

Solace | $3,500 Race to Max Event! | FULL OSRS REVS | Full Raids | Full OSRS Slayer | Developer Livestreams!

100+ Online DAILY | Economy based server with a unique and custom home Come join us for a long lasting enjoyable game with a strong community - ALL Working skills - FULL OSRS REVS - FULL OSRS SLAYER - Vorkath - Unique custom home - Strong economy, with...

1 Votes

BoomScape 718 - Construction POH - Weekly Updates - Active Community

BoomScape Player Based Grand Exchange Clan Chat System Full Construction Player Owned Houses Drygore Weapons Dungeoneering Squeal Of Fortune Duel Arena Plenty of Boses Active Community

1 Votes

TizenX 667 - ReferAFriend For 1B

Online 247 - No Lag - 5 Years Online - LiveChat Support - AutoDonate - AutoVote For Rewards - ReferAFriend For 1B Cash After An Hour Of Playing - Active PvP - Slayer - Gambling - 13 Bosses - Completionist Cape - Daily Tasks - Skilling - IronMan - TXGO...

1 Votes


Asteria X offers the most thrilling content that you will find in any Runescape Private Server and that is why players stay at Asteria X and love us - Loads of content - Bossing - PvP - Mini-games - Active Staff - Daily GiveawaysTourneys - Server...

1 Votes

Colossus PVP | Skilling | Active PvP | Unique

[center][img]http://i.imgur.com/TFo2QWc.png[/img][/center] Hello guest Welcome to ColossusPVP How can you make money....? do I hear you ask? Well one of the best ways is to gear up and go fight to the death in the wilderness with our other Players on...

1 Votes


My server is Packed full of customs Every Monster drops tons of customs even pets too There is custom minigames, as well I am on daily updateing D I love taking ideas also type discord and cmd and vote

1 Votes

New server need staff and players come join!!

its a cool server lots of fun stuff and the best staff ever :D join if you are not afraid

1 Votes


- Bosses - - Barrelchest - Dagg Kings - KBD - Giant Mole - Kq - All Godwars - Corp - Dagannoth Mother - Kraken - Zulrah - Cerberus - Abyssal Sire - Demonic Gorillas - Lizardman Shaman - Skilling - - RC - Hunter - Agility, including 5 rooftop courses -...

1 Votes

[863] Catanai RS3

Revision 863 - Vorago - Ascension dungeon - Lava strykewyrms - Kalphite King - Grand Exchange - GWD

1 Votes

Fatality 614 Officially Returns

The ultimate 614 RSPS has returned. SpawnPK Active Community - Vote 4 Cash - Bounty Hunter EP System - 1000 Players

1 Votes


ExtinctionPs is a brand new 718 loading 742 custom rsps, with lots of features - Custom 718 Serve - Custom Boss - Custom Weapon - Custom Armour - Fully Working Skills - Upgrade System - Balance Game Play Donor Vs. Non Donor - Duo Dungeoneering - Duo...

1 Votes


An on-going OSRS-based project with quality features such as Raids, Inferno, Revenants caves, Vorkath, and much more We are keeping things strictly OSRS with absolutely zero custom equipment, other than an XP boosting ring. Very well-balanced economy...

1 Votes

Empire 668 The Ultimate 2011 Experience

Empire is a RuneScape 2011 Emulation. Empire is based from the original source of the previous private server named Alotic. Previously known as Zonica but due to new management, we have decided to take a different turn in how we would want the public to...

1 Votes

Era - The Most Advanced 2011 Server

The Most Advanced 2011 Runescape Server All working skills Active PKing with PKP pts and wilderness bosses Boss pets Customizable Completionist & Master Capes Achievements & Minigames Forum & Community Voting Polls

1 Votes

Legacy 614 - WE ARE BACK!

Duel Arena || PvP Token Currency || Quick Prayers || Bank Tabs || Pk Titles || Yell Tags || 80% Spawn || Amazing Hybridding || Over 80+ Commands!

1 Votes

2006Scape - Back like the good ol' days

2006Scape is back with new management, the remake is alive and is updated daily. We want to bring back 2006 RuneScape!

1 Votes

SeriousPk.com 1 Spawn Pk Active Pking

Updates - master rank 1900 elo - fixed the leaches - Added Official Dicer rank - Added No wepon switch option in duel arena to prevent scams - NPC dont attack back - Duel arena tele glitch - Some data missing - If you xclose your client when you are...

1 Votes

DGScape - Super Unique - Player Shops - ECO

DG-Scape DG-Scape is completely free to play and offers some of the most unique and highest quality game-play in Runescape private server history. We offer high quality, bug-free minigames, all functional skills, loads of bosses, player shops, clue...

1 Votes


RUSE RSPS 317 Loading, Custom Features, Custom Minigames, Interfaces, Skills, NPC's, Weapons, Tools, Weekly Updates (Always Something New), Open Community, Amazing PK Zones, A lot Of Multi Combat zones so you can join your friends in the battle. new...

1 Votes

ForeverPkers - OldSchool PK'ing Since '09

ForeverPkers is a PK'ing (Player Killing) based server. New website! You must go here to play: http://ForeverPkers-PS.com/ Features: -Hosted since 2009 and updated weekly -Online 24/7 -No Lag -No Item Dupes -Bank PINs -Always Active PK'ing...

1 Votes


A Small but free RSPS specializing in PKING and Skilling Server runs 247, First members to join get free P Hats

1 Votes