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Runescape Top 100 List

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Dreamscape RSPS - Biggest Custom Private Server

Bi-Weekly Updates|Daily Discord Events|AK47,Minigun & Bazookas|Diablo & Voldemort Boss|PubG Minigame|Roullete & BlackJack Table|#1 Gambling| |Revamped Custom Slayer|Unique Custom Bosses|10+ Types of Mystery Boxes|Lottery Scratch Cards


Eternal! the return of greatness

Eternal! - the perfect 718, where pking and pvming is better than ever, with 25 skills to train and 20 bosses to kill, and the best community youll ever witness. This server isnt your average server the staff is extremely active and helpful, with many...

2 Votes


Eradication-X Reborn is a remake of the Original EradicationX server, which was released back in 2013. We are a 718/742 server, with custom made quests, perfectly modeled custom items and armour, and a huge world to explore! We have Bossing (AND CUSTOM...

2 Votes

Krator | Zombies-Survival-Eco-PvP

Krator is an apocalyptic version of Gielnor where evil and chaos has taken over. Throughout your adventure, you will notice the maps are a little spookier than before, and thus, breathing life into the content that surrounds it. The world is almost...

2 Votes

Affinity | #1 Semi Custom RSPS

Affinity is a brand new 317 RSPS, fullfilling your Semi-Custom needs!

2 Votes

Legacy 614 - WE ARE BACK!

Duel Arena || PvP Token Currency || Quick Prayers || Bank Tabs || Pk Titles || Yell Tags || 80% Spawn || Amazing Hybridding || Over 80+ Commands!

2 Votes

Vorkath Rsps

Were a OSRS server with tons of content, and constant updates from our development team! Check us out!

2 Votes

Zaros - The best eco OSRS RSPS!

Zaros is currently in development. Zaros will be the biggest OSRS RSPS & will feature a nice economy with excellent content. Find our website at https://zaros.io

2 Votes
148 MindScape | Customs

MindScape | Customs

Mindscape Client/Jar Download: http://www.mindscape.nl-web.com Welcome to mindscape, this server commits much customs! Features: - 500+ Customs - Tons of Recolored Torva's - Tons of Custom Armor - Tons of Custom Weapons - OP Mage &...

2 Votes


2011 ERA RSPS built for a small community but still loads of fun with unique and original content added daily!

2 Votes

SapphirePS - Where your Dreams become Reality

Welcome everyone to SapphirePS! Full working Construction + Raids 1RUNELITE INTEGRATION! All iron men modes! Play now: https://sapphire-ps.com/download/ Forums: https://sapphire-ps.com/forum/ Discord: https://discord.gg/dKqC8W7

2 Votes


Limitless Reality is a pre Eoc 317 server loading osrs data , we will be working around the clock to bring the server to your needs! Join in on the experience

2 Votes


Group ironman with shared banking + More bank space 850 slots + God wars II + Raids + Rev caves with revenant weapons + 69 waves of Inferno + Vorkath + Daily events

2 Votes

Rs3 877 rsps with osrs Combat stystem.

100+ regulair monsters / All skils work 95% / relay-able Donation system with custom perks and boosters / and tons of other content !!!!!.

2 Votes

Imagine PS - 1 RSPS

Sohanscape is the best semi-custom OSRS custom server in the business! We have full Raids 1 and Raids 2, amung hundreds of other content that we offer all of our players! Check it out today!

1 Votes
155 Prodigy-X 727 - The Top RS2 Server Since 2012

Prodigy-X 727 - The Top RS2 Server Since 2012

RS2Pre-EOC, Custom Maps, Economy, PvM 35 bosses, 10 Minigames, 3 Game Modes, Construction, Dungeoneering, Duo Slayer, Job System, Title Manager, Instances, Boss Pets

1 Votes


INFERNO - RAIDS - VORKATH - REVENANTS - ZULRAH-CERBERUS-Achievement diaries - Blood money System-Beginner Friendly-Daily Rewards-Latest osrs content-Endless Boss fighting

1 Votes


Coming Soon ACTIVE PVM Multiple Game-frames 5 Game-Modes Choose your own EXP rates Sir Owens Multi-Worlds

1 Votes

Creative-Scape Remastered

CreativeScape is a classic Old School RuneScape Private Server. Get ready to be a part of a thrilling and unique experience that is our server. We are dedicated to bringing you back to the amazing time that we all fell in love with. Our objective is to...

1 Votes
159 Project Dream 2018

Project Dream 2018

Project Dream 748 is a highly advanced, well-established Runescape Private Server. Online 247 hosted on a powerful dedicated server, Project Dream a busy and friendly community, with hundreds of players, many of whom use our active forums for help and...

1 Votes

✅✅✅ TwistedScape #1 CUSTOM Server ✅✅✅

[CUSTOM SERVER][3000+ Custom Items][40+ Bosses][8 Minigames][Gambling & Mystery Boxes][Guns] [Weekly Updates][Daily Discord Events][Player-Owned Shops][Active Development][No-Lag][Join us and get Mystery Box]

1 Votes

The return of OS-Legacy

The real revival of the well known OS-Legacy. The original server is back, with a lot of work and ready for all those old players and new to join!

1 Votes
162 brand new funserver grand opening today NEED STAFF

brand new funserver grand opening today NEED STAFF

Brand new custom funserver made today. Need Staff. Lots of custom items and custom zones. Come chill and have fun.

1 Votes

Yanille - The custom server of the century

Come play this brand new Custom server that Released April 14th, 2019!

1 Votes

Nexus RS3 90X ECO NXT MS Rework Telos and other T92 PVM Experiances

All working 26 Skills with MS Rework x20, x10, x5 Selectable Rates with Drop Rate Dependencies Skilling Tab Teleport System Area Loot Clan Lootshare RS3 Lootbeam System Functional Abyss and Runespan All RS3 Degradable Items with Repairs Fully...

1 Votes

SweScape RSPS - Were back, and here to stay.

We got a OSRS server running will fully working with stable expdrop rates at 25x, 10 bosses, flawless slayer, stable economy, fully working clan chat, and our own secure launcher for our client.

1 Votes



1 Votes

Colossus PVP | Skilling | Active PvP | Unique

[center][img]http://i.imgur.com/TFo2QWc.png[/img][/center] Hello guest Welcome to ColossusPVP How can you make money....? do I hear you ask? Well one of the best ways is to gear up and go fight to the death in the wilderness with our other Players on...

1 Votes

Helwyr 3

718-RS3 - 900 Revision - Ice Dye - Telos - GW2 - New Server.

1 Votes

Vitality OS Most Acessed Rsps in 2017

24 Flawless Skills 90 achievements All Bosses Custom Items and Titles Pets Ironman and Ultimate Weekly Events Active Staff Perfect Pking Bonus Weekends Gambling Dedicated Server Highscores Working Grand Exchange Duo Slayer Quests Shooting Stars Active...

1 Votes

pkstop -pk passage remake!

Guys i'm still createing the forums so please bare with me, if anyone is good at website design then please email me, just message me in-game first! I look to be having a webclient in the top to far future but for now we have to stick to the...

1 Votes


TizenX is a PvPEco based server, We have 50 Pkers At all time

1 Votes

BraziLost - Servidor BR OldSchool

Servidor privado OldSchool Brasileiro, para os bons apreciadores do epoca de 2007 do RuneScape. Sem lag, sem bugs, sem dupes, 24hrs online, bosses e minigames da epoca de 2007 do RS, com conteudo unico e nostalgico. Servidor BR!

1 Votes

[Solstice] Brand New Osrs Server | Play With Hundreds

A fresh & brand new osrs server - | Latest osrs content | Most unique, simple, enjoyable osrs server | Active Pvp, Pvm, Skilling, Gambling | Hundreds of players|

1 Votes

317 SemiCustom || Raids || No Stupid Customs items

New 317 Semi Custom Server No Stupid Customs items Custom home Vorkath Raids and much much more. check us out

1 Votes

Nova Genesis - A 742 RuneScape Emulation.

Nova Genesis is a 742 RS2 emulation, with our own twists. Wed like to offer a more stable, content packed, bug free server for players to enjoy, exp rates are slower compared to most servers to give our players an overall more enjoyable longer journey.

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